The WordPress SEO Plugins You Should Never Be Without

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There is a reason why WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg has built a global fanbase that flocks to his tour visits and presentations: his blogging platform works really well. It consists of a massive developer community, and also provides users with an array of SEO plugins. Oh, and he’s made sure that all of the SEO plugins don’t cost a cent to use.

All of them do the essential block and tackle that one would expect, but they each differ in their own ways—your job is to make selections based on what you are specifically looking for, whether it is multiple features or an interface that isn’t too overwhelming.

Let’s take a look inside:

All in One SEO Pack and WordPress SEO by Yoast. As usual, the Yoast team reigns supreme—so supreme, that the plugin surpassed 10 million downloads in May 2014. As the other reigning all-purpose champion, All in One is in good company, and both allow users to manage a wide range of on-page SEO elements with just one tool.


–Not as famous as the previous champions, SEO Ultimate’s name isn’t unwarranted, as it provides the Deeplink Juggernaut feature that grabs the keywords that you enter and attaches them to a URL automatically. Use it wisely and it will deliver.

–The Platinum SEO Pack not only shines in name but can also automatically generate meta data.


Tip: If you are serious about SEO results, I strongly advise you to take a look under the hood of anything that is generated automatically.

Headspace2 SEO sets itself apart by offering the ability to change plugins and themes on a per page basis—you will need to see for yourself how that works out in terms of SEO. You can also add tags to Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.


SEO Plugins That You Can Use For Indexation

The following set of plugins is specialist tools. That is, many of the all-purpose plugins I’ve just presented incorporate the functions of these, but by using a single-purpose plugin, you avoid any clutter on the interface.

Redirection and Simple 301 Redirects should be your top choices if you are looking for a plugin to manage 301 redirects, as they manage these critical SEO tools without the need for the user to grasp regular expressions and Apache .htaccess files.


404 Redirection converts “404 file not found” errors into easier 301 redirects to your homepage.

–For XML sitemaps, Google XML Sitemaps is ideal for basic creation and posting of consistent XML sitemaps update.

BWP Google XML Sitemaps is a sitemap plugin with multiple site support and sitemap index support for sites with thousands of URLS.

–For newbies, Google Sitemap is your go-to, as it creates your sitemap for you, and takes you through the verification process in Google Webmaster Tools, as well as the submission process.

Plugins for SEO On-Page Optimization

Again, all-purpose SEO plugins will be able to address the area of on-page optimization. However, these specialist plugins are preferable for really getting your hands dirty, if you know what I mean:

SEO Title Tag allows you to edit all of your title tags in one action. So, you can avoid the tedious page-by-page process and do your title-tag work in the one interface.

Sticky Post and Blog Introduction will optimize category, archive pages and tags that would otherwise only contain a list of your posts. WordPress allows you to make posts “sticky” (permanently stuck to the top of a list of posts)to send a strong keyword relevance signal. The more flexible Blog Introduction provides more options regarding number, order, thumbnail use, and more.


SEO Plugins You Can Use For Internal Links

There are a few WordPress plugins that you can use both for navigation and internal linking, which you can use to strengthen the link networks where the link authorities flow.

Breadcrumb NavXT  inserts breadcrumb links into the pages of your site.

Gecka Submenu allows you to strengthen your internal linking in your pages.

My Posts Order and WordPress Popular Posts focus on properly prioritizing posts and fixing the order of the posts, meaning that you can create internal links to your most popular posts.

Taxonomy List Widget provides you with more control over the tag cloud navigation of your site, and you can create unique and relevant tag clouds for several areas of your site.

Microkid’s Related Posts and Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP), as well Contextual Related Posts all benefit site owners in relation to Google’s increased focus on context.


Plugins That Encourage External Linking

The SEO value of sharing has really exploded with G+, and if you want to design your own sharing widgets then WordPress can help you out.

Shareaholicuses horizontal icons, and also generates basic social analytics.

Sharebar’s widgets follow the mousescroll down the page.

AddToAny and ShareThisboth offer a button that opens when clicked.


Final Thoughts

My goal with this post is to help you find new SEO plugins to amp up your site’s SEO power, as well as confirm that some of the usual favorites are still being actively used. I’ve tried to cover the best of what you will need on the WordPress platform, but share your thoughts in the comments section if any gems have been missed.

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