WordPress CMS: Why we like it

Written by Alex Harris


Simple, versatile, and easy to use, WordPress is currently one of the most widely used content management systems (CMS) for website building, seeing applications in sites throughout a great variety of industries. In fact, we at AlexDesigns have used it for some of our projects, including some of our work on attorney and lawyer financing websites.

WordPress is just one of the several platforms available to web builders today, but it stands out because of a number of key features. Here are some of the reasons why we like to use it:

1. It is easy to use. WordPress’ back-end interface has remained virtually unchanged over the years, which means that past users will not have a difficult time readjusting. Content editors give the feel of the average word and text editors and adding elements are as simple as the highly visible buttons.

2. It is highly customizable. WordPress offers everything you need to make a website that expresses your uniqueness and offers the extra functions you need. Choose from a large selection of themes and equip your site with the best plugins. WordPress also comes with SEO tools that you can customize to suit your strategy.

3. It comes with outstanding support. If you need help, you can always go to WordPress Support where the team and the community can provide you with answers and tips.

4. It offers plenty of opportunities for revenue. WordPress allows you to turn your site into an effective e-commerce site. You can also earn from ads. If you are worried about the costs being greater than your earnings, don’t worry. WordPress is one of the cheapest options available today.

5. It is a great blogging platform. WordPress is still among the best blogging platforms. This means you can use it as a standalone blog. You can also incorporate its amazing blog functionalities to your website.

To say that WordPress is superior to all other content management systems or we building platforms would not be entirely true. It does, however, possess strengths that make it ideal making sites for both large brands and fledgling businesses seeking a place in the Internet.

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