WordPress blog design tips and examples

Written by Alex Harris

When creating a wordpress blog, please spend the time to improve the design or hire someone to help you. It’s true, creating a unique design for your wordpress templates can be difficult. You can select a nice looking wordpress theme but it will still take some time to make your personal branding unique.

Your wordpress blog design can end up looking very generic when first set up. Here are some tips and examples on how to make your wordpress blog design unique for your personal brand.

In the video below I reference the following blog designs.
I think they each show a great way to do personal branding online.

  1. Jim’s Marketing Blog
    • This website does a great job of displaying a UVP “Unique Value Proposition”
    • Love the white space and easy to read text
  2. Michael Hyatt
    • Great brandig photos in with a casual style
    • Leverage social proof to show credibility
  3. Bryan Eisenberg
    • Great focal point using the form on the right column
    • Excellent formatting of content in each post
  4. Navid Mozaaez
    • Great use of photography with each blog post
    • Clear “Call To Action” area on the side bar
  5. Chris Brogan
    • Custom blog design with large typography
    • Use of large buttons to get people to read more

Take a look at the video where I explain this more in detail as I review a new wordpress blog design …

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Which wordpress blog designs have inspired your websites?

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