Why The Navigation on Your eCommerce Website is So Important

Written by Alex Harris

This post is from the series “Boost eCommerce Sales and Leads”.

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Having a simple and easy-to-understand navigation is essential to any e-commerce site. The strategy is to make it clear where you want people to go. This will establish the hierarchy of all the content and products in your store. It all comes back to not making people guess about where to go. You want to guide them to right place in the shortest amount of clicks. Doing this will decrease any confusion and increase conversions. Also, use dropdown menus only if it makes sense. You do not want to clutter your top navigation with every single page from your website.

  1. Streamlined information. Having concise information architecture will help people arrive at the right products that they’re looking for.
  2. Navigation order. Redo your navigation based on the most popular items or category verticals. Giving people what they want through the navigation menu is a good way to get people to the right items in the shortest amount of time.
  3. Gift cards. If you offer gift cards, add a link in your navigation or sidebar. Many people are buying gifts for the upcoming holiday season, so adding gift cards will allow you to sell more items that are non-inventory.
  4. A sale link on your navigation bar. Having a sale category will allow people know where to find the sale items quicker to save more money.
  5. Product categories. Categorize your navigation items based on product segments. If you have specific categories for different product channels, you can organize your navigation based on those segments. I do not suggest organizing your navigation by brand names. Segments should be categories, not brand names.
  6. Separate customer navigation. The navigation category should be visually separate from your customer utility navigation.

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