Why should you invest in CRO?

Written by Alex Harris

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is quite a hot topic, but it doesn’t mean everybody’s doing it. If, as an entrepreneur or business owner, you are wondering how you can boost your chances of reaching, if not exceeding your sales goals, the let me tell you why you should start investing in CRO this year.

For starters, conversion rate optimization is a method that allows you to increase the number of people visiting your website who convert to actual customers. This often involves tweaking your web pages so that they provide a positive experience to users, encouraging them to convert. Among the different methodologies within the umbrella that’s Internet marketing, CRO is one of the most straightforward and as we’d discuss later, vital for success.

CRO works

Conversion rate optimization may be described as a science, going so far as to use a process that is similar to the scientific method. You seek to increase your conversion so you make a hypothesis on how you can improve your pages to achieve your goal. You test your hypothesis through a process called A/B testing and then apply your findings. Should you want to raise your conversion rates further, you can go back to the testing phase.

This adherence to a scientific approach means that CRO yields measurable results. Unlike other forms of Internet marketing that rely more on theories, CRO is built on practice and data and delivers outcomes you can actually feel.

CRO delivers great ROI

At its very core, CRO involves converting people who are already in your site into actual customers. This makes it different from SEO and other forms of Internet marketing where your concern is raising the number of people visiting your site in hopes of convincing them to buy your products. Basically, with CRO, you are already dealing with a reality and not just with a possibility.

There are a number of ways by which you can improve your conversion rates, some of them as simple as changing your copy or making your site’s font size bigger. These relatively minute and often inexpensive tweaks can have dramatic effects which may translate to larger revenue for you. This means that CRO may demand as little as few bucks of investment for exponentially bigger returns.

If you have questions about CRO and how it can help your business, contact me here.

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