What You Need To Consider When Planning Your Lead Generation Goals

Written by Alex Harris


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There are a lot of things you need to consider when you are looking to expand your business, but one thing that tends to be forgotten is how to properly plan your lead generation goals. Trying to come up with a different strategy to create new leads (and thus, new customers) might seem simple, but it requires a significant amount of thought, especially if you are having trouble expanding the scope of your business. When coming up with your lead generation goals, you’ll want to consider the following things:

Quantity vs Quality

When first considering your marketing efforts, the number one question you’ll want to ask yourself is how you want to measure your lead generation goals. Do you want to do what most businesses do and measure their goals by the sheer quantity of leads they are bringing in or do you want to opt for something a little different by measuring the quality of your leads?

It might seem complex at first, but it is entirely dependent on what type of business you run and the size of your market share. Every business wants to think they can expand exponentially every year, but eventually you are going to level out. This means measuring your lead generation goals by the number of total leads you bring in might not be a good idea. Instead, measuring the quality of the leads and how much money or business they bring in might be the better alternative.

Set Your Actual Goal

It only makes sense to determine your actual lead generations goals after you have determined how you want to measure it. However, it isn’t as simple as picking an arbitrary number that you hope to achieve; instead, you’ll want to determine your lead generation goals in relation to your overall business goals. They should always be in line with the overall growth projections of your business, otherwise you risk overshooting or undershooting your goals, which is something you never want to do.

The math can be difficult to figure out, but there are several programs available that can help you determine how many leads you’ll need to acquire in order to meet the projected growth of your company. This once again factors in to how you want to measure your lead generation goals; if you need to increase the overall growth of your business by a substantial amount, you might want to focus on generating as many new leads as possible (or acquire a small number of big leads). Remember, it is entirely up to you.

Diligently Track Your Progress

Too many companies make the mistake of setting goals and then not trying to follow through on them until the final quarter. This is not only a bad financial decision, but it can also put a lot of stress on your employees if they are forced to try and meet your lead generation goals by a specific deadline. Instead, what you’ll want to do is utilize a tracking program in order to see how much progress you are making on a daily basis.

Regardless of what program you use, you’ll want to have all of your monthly information displayed in a waterfall report. It can be personalized in order to give you an accurate account of whether or not you are meeting your goals and it is incredibly easy to read. Best of all, it can easily be shared with any of your business partners, which means everyone can be on the same page in regards to your goals.

Be Creative

It’s one thing to simply say you need to increase the number of leads for your business, but it’s an entirely different thing to actually implement your strategy. If you’re a larger company and have a history of using traditional but reliable methods of marketing, then stick with them. But if you’re a smaller company that is looking to finally expand its market share, you might need to be a little more creative.

Your marketing efforts can range anywhere from doing sales calls, personally meeting with clients, going to business conferences, or even expanding your social media presence. Remember, every business is different and there is no one way to generate new leads, so all you have to do is find a method that works for you!


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