Expert Definitions of Website Optimization

Written by Alex Harris

Expert Definitions of Website Optimization

During my new podcast, I ask marketing experts what their definition of optimization is. Here are some examples of the variations perspectives on how people are doing CRO, SEO and other types of website optimization. CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization, while SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization but there are also other type of Website Optimization.

What is your definition optimization and why is it beneficial?

Clay Collins – LeadPages I really take everything back to you, optimization. People talk about user experience. I think about optimization – and more specifically, conversion – in terms of user experience and just about anything in a business. I really do think it’s just a matter of making the things that you want to have happen, happen more often. That’s what optimization is to me.

Clay Collins
Podcast Interview

Neil Patel QuickSproutOptimization is all about tweaking. How can you squeeze more people through the funnel. For example, you have thousands window shoppers but only one buyer. If you can convince 10 more people to buy? That’s like 10x the revenue.

Neil Patel
Quick Sprout, Kissmetrics & CrazyEgg
Podcast Interview

Theresa Baiocco Conversion MaxA lot of people get confused about the word optimization. You need to ask what are you optimizing for? People think that you only need to optimize for the search engines. They are about getting the rankings up. Really companies should be optimizing for is revenue and to improve your profits. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive to your website if you can’t convert that traffic.

Theresa Baiocco,
Conversion Max
Podcast Interview

Rich Page Website Optimization
So many people Conversion Rate Optimization really is. Particularly the small business community. Most sites think it all about driving traffic as possible.

Trying to optimizing website so it converts more of visitors that traffic you are already receiving into sales or lead, without buying additional levels of traffic.
Rich Page
Author of Website Optimization – An Hour A Day
Video Interview

Sean Johnson Funnel Optimization
Running a series of experiments over time to improve a particular metric that is fundamental to the success of your business.

Optimization is beneficial to improve the success of  your business.

Sean Johnson
Funnel Optimization Expert
Podcast Interview

More Expert Definitions of Website Optimization

Dennis from – Conversion Rate Optimization Growing and improving your revenue per visitor.
One of the things online businesses should focus on is getting more revenue per visitor.

Dennis Van der Heijden,
Podcast Interview

Michael Aagaard Conversion Optimization

But I think what I do is all about getting more people to do what you want them to do once they get to your website. It’s kind of the process of when you get traffic, how do you make them do what you want them to do?

In my experience, that’s all about arranging the content on your website in such a way that it’s easy for your potential customers to get the answers, the info or the experience they need in order to be able to do whatever it is you want them to do.

Michael Aagaard,
Podcast Interview

Peep Laja ConversionXL
Doing stuff better and getting more results out of whatever you are doing right now. If you are trying to sell stuff, optimization will hep you do it better. Why should you optimize your website? I mean why are you in business? Optimization is all about moving the needle.

Peep Laja
Co-Founder at ConversionXL
Podcast Interview

John McIntyre Autoresponder GuyI think to go back to what Albert Einstein said. Good ol’ Albert said something like, “The most powerful force in the universe is compound improvements,” which, to me, just sums up what optimization’s all about.

John McIntyre,
Expert in Email Marketing
Podcast Interview

Dan Kaplan - Content Marketing ExpertAt periscopeUP, we define optimization as getting a website to achieve the clients’ goals. So really, there’s two parts to that. The first part is getting a website high up in the search engine, so that it gets more traffic or more relevant prospects to the site. But there’s a big, important second part to that, which is getting those visitors, those prospects to take your desired action to click, call or buy. So optimizing for people is just as important, if not more important, than optimizing for search engines.

Dan Kaplan
Content Marketing Expert
Podcast Interview

Melanie Benson Strick - Small Business Optimizer
When we’re optimizing businesses the way I do it on the Small Business Optimizer Processes, we’re constantly looking at what are the things that have the biggest bang for the buck that are actually going to really catapult you forward towards whatever your goals are.

That’s the way I define it is it’s broader than just marketing, broader than just conversion, broader than just testing and doing split tests and tracking, which are all important, but there’s actually a whole other level of optimizing that has a huge impact on the overall profitability that an entrepreneur has.

Melanie Benson Strick
Small Business Optimization Expert
Podcast Interview

Samuel Hulick – User OnboardingMy definition of optimization is the scientific approach of aligning whatever your assumptions are regarding your design with the reality of how they’re being used iteratively for everyone’s benefit.

Samuel Hulick
User Onboarding Expert
Podcast Interview

Oli Gardner – Unbounce Conversion Centered DesignFor me, optimization is all about your brand. When you can understand your customers better, what resonates with them, and talk to them in a way that aligns with how they feel about you, you’re creating a brand, right? So by optimizing this experience based on how they feel, how they want to interact with you, that’s going to translate into revenue.

Oli Gardner, Unbounce
Podcast Interview

Brian Chappell SEO Expert

I guess at the highest level, since I call myself an Internet marketer, it’s basically kind of a process that no matter what we’re doing – whether it’s building a website, launching a website, promoting it, getting search traffic, driving PPC traffic – there’s some level of optimization that’s going on.

Brian Chappell
SEO Expert
Podcast Interview

What is your definition of optimization?

Post your comments below on how you are doing conversion rate optimization (CRO), Search Engne Optimization (SEO) or any other type of website optimization.

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