Website Design for Innovative Startup in Retail Location Analytics

Written by Alex Harris

It was an absolute honor to work on the website design for with Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg.

I’ve been working with Bryan Eisenberg since 2006. They previously asked me to design their conversion rate optimization agency website and popular WordPress blog, GrokDotCom. We’ve also worked on many client projects together focused on increasing sales and lead generation for a variety of companies.

In late 2014, Bryan asked me to design the website for his new startup. Then he followed up by also requesting that I design and develop the WordPress blog. They gave me clear direction and my team created the websites quickly.

Today I received a Facebook notification inviting me to like the startup page. This means that the company is up and running and they’re in business. This is going to be a very innovative company. You should check it out if your interested in Retail Location Analytics, Commercial Real Estate or just a fan of TheGrok, like me. I am looking forward to seeing how they apply their online success to an offline industry.

What exactly is IdealSpot? was founded when Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg met Marc Smookler and Andrew Hunter, two startup veterans from the big data, scale and automation world. Bryan and Jeffrey had an idea about how to use data in the same way that the e-commerce companies they advised used it to dominate their niches – the same kind of ideas that they promoted when founding the Digital Analytics Association. With Marc and Andrew, they realized that together they could help every business quickly and economically choose the ideal retail location.

Learn more about the start by visiting the website

Example of the website design for the new startup company:

Example of the website design for the new blog that is associated with startup company:

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