Ways To Generate More Leads

Written by Alex Harris

To generate quality leads, you first need to define your ideal customer or client. Once you have that avatar, you need to research where they hangout online and discover content they enjoy. Here are some ways you can generate new leads. Let me know if you have other way to improve quality leads for your product or service. If you want me to create a demo on a tactic, please leave a comment below.

Ways To Generate More Leads Online

Have other ways? Post a comment below…

images1. Adwords or Paid Advertising
The easiest way to get more traffic to your site is to pay for it. Converting that traffic is hard part. How are you improving conversions from PPC? Post your comments below…

2. Content Marketing
Create content specifically for your niche but identify a new angle. Make your content unique. Find new ways to solve the same problems as other popular stories.  You can promote your content through partner website, guest posts or using social media

3. Social Media
Take one piece of content, video and ect and then spread it across all social media websites.

twitter_273x1784. Twitter
Using advanced Twitter search, you can find people in your niche and find ways to provide value with out being salesy.

5. Identify Your Ideal Customers and their Competitors
You can use tools like Spyfu to identify how much traffic a site is getting, what their top traffic pages are and most importantly who their competitors area.

6. Follow the Money
Find out who spends money on advertising in your niche. Then reach out to them by showing they can optimize further.

ninja conversion tips7. Follow the Banner Ads
Use tools like WhatRunsWhere.com to find out all the banner ads that a company is running then present each company with opportunities to help them with their ad campaigns for improvement. This is totally a ninja tactic!

8. Use Search Tools
Discover your ideal customers and their top competitors using tools like SEMRush or SimilarWeb

9. Use The Survey Method
Use SurveyMonkey and Qualaroo.com to find out questions like: “What challenges are they experiencing with their businesses”. Then you can make recommendations based on feedback.

10. Find Companies That Are Newsworthy
Discover companies that are making news but not capitalizing on the opportunities. Reach out to those companies as they are more likely to accept meetings when they are getting press.

11. Seasonality
Find companies that will be advertising for the upcoming seasons. Maximize the ROI the before the sales start.

12. Create Website Review Sites
Here’s an example of the reviews I create, view Website Reviews.

13. Use Slide Share for SEO

14. Partner with Similar Companies To Complement Strengths

15. Interview The Top Experts in Your Niche

16. Create a podcast
Using a podcast to find a new audience is one of the smartest ways to generate new leads.

17. Create YouTube Videos
Even if you do not have an audience yet, I strongly suggest you start consistently making videos to drive traffic to your website.

18. Go To MeetUp.com
Find local meetup groups in your area and meet other people that may need your help.

19. Partner with Other Companies
As a web design company that does custom landing pages, I am always looking for PPC and DRTV companies to work with.

20. Guest Posts
One of my goals this year is a complete a few guest posts. Are you doing them? Let me see some examples.

sml-newsletter21. Send Your Email Newsletter
Reach out to your list. You have been collecting emails for a while now. Send your first newsletter and try to generate some new business.

22. Send a Sales Letter
My friend Bobby Hewitt showed me this tip. Create a beautiful and simple graphic sales letter and get it printed. Then mail it to try and land the perfect client.

23. Improve Your NSEO
There is still opportunity for you to improve your traffic from natural search engine rankings. Run ranking reports on competitors to see what keywords they are ranking for as well.

These are notes from a course I’m going through called the Digital Agency Playbook. I recently met Jason Swenk and he will be a guest on my podcast. He also joined my mastermind group and shared his experience of creating a Web Agency and getting acquired. What goals do you have for your product or service?

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