Utilizing technology to grow your small business

Written by Alex Harris

growing your own business

Starting and growing your own business has become easier than a decade or two ago thanks to improvements in technology. Smart machines and gadgets paired with effective strategies can give you not just exposure but also the capability to attract customers and even make sales. To a certain extent, technology—particularly the Internet—has produced an even playing field of sorts where you have almost as many opportunities as your competitors to achieve growth.

The Internet, however, will not solve your problems overnight. Here are some basic tips on how you can raise your small business with the help of the Internet:

1. Create a website. Start by creating an online entity for your business or brand in the form of a website. This site will provide your clients with information about your business, your values, and the products and services you offer. You can also use your site as a means for your customers to communicate with you. If you are into sales, you can even try to create an online store.

2. Market your business. You can start by learning basic online marketing or by talking to experts in the field. The right marketing tactics will help you boost your brand’s popularity and put it in a good light before your customers. You can adopt strategies like SEO and CRO depending on your business goals.

3. Do not be afraid to start with little. Some “experts” may tell you to cover all your bases as early as possible. This is not a very sound advice. As you are still growing, it would be best if you can focus on limited and specific keywords that are more likely than others to display your site when used in a search. You can start upgrading once you experience signs of growth. It’s quality more than quantity.

4. Go social. Almost everybody today is in one form of social media or another. A vast majority of your clients are definitely users of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Create accounts in these platforms and maintain a healthy presence there. You can use your social media presence to announce promotions, address issues, and interact with your customers and get to know what they want better. If your target market is composed of customers in your locality, make sure to sign up for local accounts, especially with Google.

5. Be updated. Business is always changing so it pays to know the latest information. Everything from trending topics on Twitter to headlines in CNN will provide you with valuable insight and context on how you will manage your business and approach your clients.

Do not be discouraged if your initial attempts do not give you the effects you expect immediately. Just because things are easier doesn’t mean that patience and hard work have lost their value. Use the advantages offered by technology wisely and you will definitely be on the road toward growth.

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