Using Amazon for Ecommerce: 3 Best Tools to Enjoy

Written by Alex Harris

amazon for ecommerce shopping carts has gone beyond being just a brazen ecommerce start-up. The website has evolved to become a leading online retail website. Also, its platform has evolved to provide ecommerce technologies, tools and applications for other online businesses. Online retailers and business owners can carry out more effective online transactions by using Amazon for ecommerce. The tools and applications that Amazon offers on its website are so extensive and can help grow any online business.

Here are some of the top tools and technologies that come with using Amazon for ecommerce;

#1: Sell on Amazon Program

One of the best ways to grow your online business using Amazon is to sell products on the platform. And, the best tool for selling your product on is the “Sell on Amazon” program. A “Pro Merchant” can sell more than 40 items on Amazon monthly with the “Sell on Amazon” program. Even an individual can also leverage the tool to sell few number of items on

For the Pro Merchant, you are provided with extra selling and administrative tools. However, selling on Amazon may attract some service fees, including referral fee. The various benefits that come with using Amazon for ecommerce include gaining increased online exposure as you get your products in front of the millions of people that come to Amazon to buy. The disadvantage that follows includes service and referral charges that would cut some of your profits.

#2: Use Products Ad or Display Ads on Amazon

Another great way to use Amazon for ecommerce is advertising. And, when it comes to advertising on Amazon, the two best tools are the “Products Ads” and the “Display Ads.” These programs are both PPC (Pay Per Click) programs designed almost the same way as the Google AdWords.

The programs are direct pay per click models and may benefit certain online merchants more than the “sell on Amazon” program in terms of cost. Some of the great benefits that come with advertising on Amazon with the two advertising programs include relatively low cost, high conversion rate, and increased exposure. On the other hand, you may need certain knowledge to manage pay per click program, plus the outcome of the advertising would depend on your product category.

#3: Amazon Payments

Amazon payments offer another great option when it comes to using Amazon for ecommerce. An ecommerce operator can offer “Checkout By Amazon” to customers as a payment option, whether you are using a website on a different platform or using Amazon Website. A lot of consumers and online shoppers trust Checkout By Amazon hosted payment just like Google Checkout or PayPal. In addition,

Amazon ecommerce offers a similar technology known as “PayPhrase”, used by online shoppers to enter just a short phrase in order to make a transaction complete. The various advantages of using Amazon’s checkout and payment services include trustworthy payment platform and relatively easy front-end integration. An obvious disadvantage is the difficulty that may apply when a non-savvy amazon shopper is involved.

Finally, using Amazon ecommerce offers another great benefit in the aspect of sophisticated order fulfillment systems (the best in the world).

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