Ultimate Business Success Formula

Written by Alex Harris

Tony Robbins Ultimate Business Success Formula

Tony Robbins Ultimate Business Success Formula

Tony Robbins Ultimate Business Success Formula from the live UPW – Unleash The Power Within – 3/2013

In today’s economy we are all searching for the secret formula that can get us rich quick, right? I was. I run a small business and it does good enough. Now I am looking to change my beliefs and really learn the ultimate success formula to take my business to the next level. The first step in this process began I saw Tony Robbins for the first time in March 2013. I was reluctant to go see him because of fear and I got more out of it then I really expected. Yea, I expected to be brain washed, maybe I was because I signed up for the Business Mastery in Vegas 2014.

Here are the notes from the Live UPW event in Los Angeles, California along with my notes on business and opinions on the ultimate success formula.

The Ultimate success formula:

  1. Know Your Outcome
    Set your brain up for success
  2. Know Your Reasons Why
    Why comes first, how comes second
  3. Take Massive Action
  4. Know What Your Getting
    Keep checking until you get massive actions
  5. Change Your Approach
    Get uncomfortable and take risks. Do things you normally wouldn’t in a positive way

Here are four word that will activate your memory of this entire content

  1. Perception
    Determine what you do. If you are feeling hopeless, its just your perception
    Things are going to work out no matter what, transform your perception.
  2. Physiology
    This is everything about your energy
  3. Rapport
    You need other people, align with other people that complement you.
    Find partners, many partners and start many business.
  4. Strategy
    This is the way to produce consistent results

The secret is you need to Take Massive Action, Define Your New Beliefs and Burn The Boats!

More soon, this is my progress. Share your thoughts…

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