Top Conversion Tips for Ecommerce

Written by Alex Harris

Top Conversion Tips for Ecommerce

Get higher conversion rates! In this presentation, I will give you tips to increase your website leads and ecommerce sales. Now is the time to maximize your online profit before the holiday season starts.

Improve Sales & Leads to Maximize Your Profit

Over the past 13+ years my team has design and developed hundreds of ecommerce, wordpress & landing page websites. I have also executed and performed over 5,000 A/B Tests for landing pages, conversion funnels and ecommerce websites.

Top 5 Conversion Tips for Ecommerce

ecommmerce ab testing#1 Quick Wins
Most trafficked pages
Most revenue pages
High bounce rate pages
Top Adwords by CR%
Test before Redesigns

#2 Create UVP
Clear Headline
Clear Tagline
Don’t Make Me Think

ecommmerce landing pages#3 Landing Pages
Lead generation Website
Long landing pages
Product category pages
Product Detail Pages
Video on product-specific

ecommmerce shopping cart improvements#4 Improve Checkout
Offer guest checkout
Website security
Checkout abandonment
Remove navigation
Add a progress bar
One-page checkout
Multiple forms of payment

ecommmerce mobile optimization#5 Mobile & Tablet
Mobile users will tend to research products with their phone. Ensure their is an easy way to collect leads

The tablet users will be the ones more likely to checkout in your ecommerce system.

BONUS – Send Promo Emails
Popular promotions can be specifically for different holidays or for clearance sales. You can also send pre-holiday and post-holiday sales to increase sales across multiple weeks.

Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready for the holidays?

If not contact me, we can increase your conversion rate by 50% in 21 days.

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