Tips to Improve Your eCommerce Checkout Process

Written by Alex Harris

This post is from the series “Boost eCommerce Sales and Leads”.

In celebration of my new book, I am releasing these audio blogs to help you increase your eCommerce conversion rates…

This is the most important section on all e-commerce websites. That is because everyone needs to pass through this section before completing a sale. That is why you need to spend a lot of time to ensure it is the best experience possible for your customers. You shouldn’t be doing anything too fancy here. Keep it really simple, and make it clear what the user is to do next. Also show your phone number. That way, if they do not feel comfortable checking out online, they can call to order.

1. Offer guest checkout. Guest checkout is the number-one thing people ask for as they arrive at an e-commerce checkout process. Having guest checkout will dramatically increase your conversion.
2. Ensure your website is secure. Having SSL is only the beginning. Ensure that people know your website is secure.
3. Ensure that you are not getting any security warnings. Go through a QA process and test your website on many different browsers to verify that people aren’t receiving security warnings for images or certain things.
4. Find ways to reduce your checkout abandonment. Understanding the analytics for your checkout process is a great way to reduce checkout abandonment.
5. Remove navigation from your checkout process. Many e-commerce sites still add navigation to the checkout process. I highly recommend you consider removing it, so people are clear about what is going on and what you want them to do next.
6. Add security seals and trust symbols. This will tell people it’s a secure process and they should trust you with site purchases.
7. Add a progress bar. Show the steps that users will experience over the next pages. A progress bar at the very top will answer those questions and manage people’s expectations of how long the checkout process will take.
8. Reduce checkout pages, or make a one-page checkout. If you have the ability with your e-commerce software, reduce the number of pages as much as possible. The fewer pages you have in your checkout, the closer shoppers are to completing a sale.
9. Use analytics to determine where people are dropping out in your checkout. With analytics, you can determine how far people go in your checkout process, along with what forms they may fill out. This will help identify where they are having problems in your checkout process and get more people to complete a sale.
10. Offer multiple payment methods. Have different ways that people can buy your product, whether it’s through credit cards, PayPal, or PayPal Credit. Offering multiple forms of payment will allow people to pay for your products in the method of their choice.
11. Offer different currencies. Offer ways for people to buy in the currency of their countries. If you are a global company and you sell all over the world, ensure that people can purchase in their country’s currency.
12. Use software to survey people. You can use software like Qualaroo to offer surveys based on people’s actions. If people are about to abandon your checkout process, software like will pop up a survey and ask them why they are exiting your page.
13. Show your phone number. There should be a clear area for your phone number. Maybe people still do not feel comfortable ordering online. You should add the option for customers to call to order your products.
14. Clear order summary. All the details of the order should be very clear. This includes shipping, tax, and quantity of order.
15. Clear check-out buttons. The final check-out button should be very clear. Use call-to-action text like “Submit Order.”
16. Show shipping icon. Have an icon from the shipping company you plan to use. For instance if, you use UPS, show the UPS icon. This way, the customer knows who to expect delivering the package.

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