Tips to Improve Leads from Blog Increase Opt Ins

Written by Alex Harris

Is your blog creating enough leads and conversions? That’s what it’s all about. It’s about understanding exactly how to optimize your blog correctly.

Review analytics

Components of blog optimization planI’m going to go through 90 days of data. I imagine you have Google Analytics set up. So you want to go through 90 days of data. That way, you can ensure that you’re getting the most data possible for an average amount of time.

So quarterly data is good. From that data, I’m going to give you some blog optimization tips, how you can improve leads and conversions directly from your blog. After that, I’ll do some website reviews.

My book is coming out in a couple of weeks. It’s called “Boost E-Commerce Sales & Make More Money.” I would love for you to get on board and get it for free. In return, I’ll just ask for a review on iTunes. You can get it at Right now, you can get the audio version, but the physical book is coming out really soon. Or you can get it digital on Kindle as well.

About Me

Alex Harris backgroundMy name is Alex Harris. My website is I’ve been doing conversion rate optimization and landing pages for over 10 years. I worked at a corporate dot-com for 11 years. Then in 2012, I created my entrepreneurial journey. I got married to my wife. Then in 2013, I created my podcast. If you’re not subscribed to the podcast, you can get it at

This year, I’ve been really focused on improving my conversion tactics and taking my business and my clients’ businesses to the next level. Today, I’m going to be walking you through how to do blog optimization. From that, understanding the quick wins. In this process, it’s all about research and the tools you’ll use. I’ll give you specific ways that you could analyze your blog and your data, and then get quick wins, so you can generate more leads and more conversions.

Get 5 Quick Wins

Process toward quick winsGetting those five quick wins. How do you do that? In my process that I take you through, I understand qualitative data, quantitative analytics, I create a hypothesis from that, and then I use what I’ve learned to now redo your marketing campaigns. We create a unique value proposition. We tweak the language on your pages. Then we test and track everything.

Because it’s likely you have the right content on your site, you’re just not saying it in the right words that your audience is looking for and understanding exactly what their intent is. So I’m going to take you through all of these different ways that I get quick wins for all my clients.

Custom dashboardsCustom Dashboards

With Google Analytics, what you want to do is use the data properly. You can go in and actually create these custom dashboards. You can go to Econsultancy. Just do a Google search for custom dashboards, and you’re going to go to this blog post where you can easily add custom dashboards specifically to your Google Analytics pages.

Google Analytics

So on Google Analytics, we want to use this as the foundation for our quantitative data. We’re going to understand this quick-win process. It’s going to tell you how to find the top trafficked pages.

Top Trafficked Pages
So go into Google Analytics. Click on “Behavior,” and then go to “All pages.” If you’re actually generating money, you may want to go into landing pages. But in this case, for a blog, we go into “All pages.” We organize it by traffic.

Then we organize it by… what are those additional five pages aside from the home page that are also generating traffic? Because there’s that 80/20 rule. 80% of your traffic is probably going to come from 20% of your pages.

Sort by Bounce Rate
Google Analytics sorting by bounce rateThen we want to find out which of those pages has the highest bounce rate. If you see any of these pages having a high bounce rate, over 70%, that’s easily a place where you can make improvements.

Look at the “About” page here, number five. The “About” page has a 46% bounce rate. That means more people are clicking from that page to do something else.

You want to take whatever they’re doing there and apply that to all the other pages. That’s the easy way to reduce your bounce rate.

Research & More

Aside from quantitative data, we also want to understand qualitative data. We use different tools to understand exactly what the visitors’ intent is. What are they talking about? What keywords are they using before they type into Google? How are they speaking to you in their language?

Tools used for qualitative dataWe use different tools to do that: UserTesting, Crazy Egg, Qualaroo, even Gmail, MailChimp or AWeber. Connecting with your audience and asking them questions is the real point of qualitative data.

Understanding the why. What’s going on in the customers’ mind? Did they like your content? How can you improve your blog? Ask them a lot of questions. What’s the next blog post that I can write? These are all the opinions that you want to aggregate into different personas. We then take that and build different persona models.

Have your target audience in mind all the time. That way, we can understand their pains, problems, and desires, and dial in exactly to what they want.

Survey Audience

How do you do this? Ask them. Use SurveyMonkey. Use things like SurveyMonkey to ask your audience. If you have a podcast, you can ask them in your podcast, like, “Go visit,” and ask them to fill out a survey.

People will tell you exactly what they want to hear. In this case study that we’re looking at here, this says, “I truly value all the self-development decisions and all the stories of successful people with passive income. I would love mentorship and guidance to certain life situations when building a business, so I can truly learn and cut my learning curve in half.” That right there. They’re telling you exactly the content for you to produce.

And those keywords: mentorship, guidance. Those are the words that you want to reuse in your marketing campaigns.

Case Study

Case study from Yopro WealthLet’s look at this case study. That survey came from this website, YoPro Wealth. As I arrive here, I see a picture of Austin. I immediately start to read text, “The 4 Ways to Retire.”

We’ll go into some changes that he can make specifically. But in this case, he doesn’t have a clear value proposition. You’re making people read too much in this block of text.

Also, you obviously want people to click on your blog posts. I would suggest giving something away for free initially to shore up your reputation. We’re going to go into specifics, because these are the things you want to dial into. I’m only making assumptions here. You want to test all of this stuff. I’m going to show you how to do it.

On his website, he also has different popovers. In this case, he has an offer for “Money = Freedom. I’m ready!” Okay, I have no idea what that means. You need to really test your offers here. We’re going to talk about this especially, because I think majority of the problems with this particular site is that the offer is not clear.

I also suggest adding the word “free” to all your call to actions, if they’re getting something for free. “Download free,” or, “I’m ready. It’s free.”

Below his blog post, he has a nice form – it looks like a MailChimp form – that’s set up at the bottom of all his blog posts. Great spot to put it. It just lacks any credibility. Why should I care about this offer? Add “free” to the call to action, but make this whole area right here about what they get. Show something tangible they may receive, like a PDF.

He’s also optimizing his blog, because his images are really big. This particular image is 754 kb. That’s way too big for images. So I know he’s going through the process of actually optimizing his images to make them load faster, but you can do this automatically using WordPress plugins.

Find Quick Wins

Now we have a good idea of what’s going on. We want to find what those quick wins are going to be.

Factors in identifying quick winsDoing it with data is the easiest way to start. What’s your 80/20? What pages are making up 80% of your traffic? It’s usually about five or six different pages.

Like, there could be an old blog post or an old lead magnet page that’s still getting a lot of traffic, but it’s not converting. That’s where you want to start.

So we look at our top trafficked pages, divide those pages by revenue, and then by bounce rate.

We can also use Visual Website Optimizer to track individual pages by revenue. If you are collecting leads or making money off products, if one page is driving more revenue than others, that’s where you want to dial into.

If you are driving traffic with paid ads, like pay per click, you can go into your top AdWords by conversion rate or revenue or leads, and you can organize to figure out which keywords people are actually typing into Google before they arrive at your site. But that’s only if you’re actually buying paid ads.

You also want to always test before redesigning. Even though your website might not be absolutely perfect, you want to test and iterate. That way, you can make more changes quicker and get that compound effect. That way, you can figure out and research what’s actually going on through your whole site the entire time.

1. Improve Home Page
Let’s look at recommendations on how Austin can I prove his home page. I just randomly found a couple that I think he can compare himself to.

Like this one, Check it out. He happens to be a more popular marketer. But I would suggest that he put his name and credentials right next to him, like how long he’s been in business, how often does he speak. But right there, “Build your dream lifestyle business.” It’s a clear unique value proposition. Then he gives something away for free.

Also having info down there of how much he can help people potentially make more money, Ryan has a noncommittal call to action. Then he has his other section down here, a free book. Giving something away for free is the best way to collect leads. But just make it clear. Don’t make people guess, don’t make people think.

2. Test Offers for Leads
With those free offers, you want to try different things everywhere that you position your offer.

In my case, this picture, this is my blog and my popover, I do it based on intent. If people are actually going to leave my page, then I pop this up. I’m not saying this is absolutely perfect or it’s going to work for you, but the point I want to get across is that you have to try different offers. Give them something of major value that they’ll want to opt into.

In my case, people visit my site because they want to learn about conversion optimization and landing pages. So I give away free landing pages to people. If I can’t do business with them, I might as well give something away to them for free.

3. More Research
Next, of course, you want to continue to generate more research. The more research that you can get, the more you’re going to be able to create better experiments, create a better hypothesis. The easiest way to do that is to get more qualitative data.

Run things like This is a service from UserTesting, and it’s free. You can put in your website, and you can watch people go through your website. They’ll tell you how they feel, what they’re thinking, and what they’re expecting. With Peek, you can’t target a specific demographic; you’ll have to pay for that service.

But in this case, we ran their site through The woman who was going through it, she thought that he was selling financial products. He might in the future, but right now, he only has a podcast and a blog. So people are confused. He’s not speaking in the language that people are looking for.

Everybody also mentioned that they wanted to learn more about Austin. People are probably going through the same story that he’s gone through. He can show himself off better through credibility and authority.

4. More Personal/Story
That’s what it leads to. Have more of a personal story that’s specifically about the accomplishments you’ve gone through.

My blog is certainly not perfect, but people really identify with how I present myself online. I tell people a lot about me. I kind of make fun of myself. I know that I stutter when I talk and I think too quickly. I make fun of myself through some of my videos. People love it. That’s why they reach out to me and want to do business.

Notice here on the top left, I have new free stuff. That offer right there has been working really well.

5. Give Away Book Free
Boost Ecommerce bookThat’s what I want to bring you to, is give stuff away. In my case, I’m giving away my upcoming book. It’s actually going to be free for the first week on Kindle. But hopefully, as much as I can give away many for free, this actually helps me collect leads.

If you want to check out what I’m doing to actually collect leads right now at double the frequency as I previously have, you can visit my website at Now I’m testing a whole new process to get the book for free at

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