Tips on How You Can Boost Post-Holiday Sales

Written by Alex Harris

It’s the day after Christmas, and you know what this means – lots of leftovers to feast on, lots of cleaning up to do, and post-Christmas sales EVERYWHERE. You’d think after the crazy Christmas rush, people would be giving shopping a break, but it’s quite the opposite, since stores are suddenly selling their products at ridiculously low prices. The malls and outlet stores will be a battlefield, what with all the people flocking to those places. As an ecommerce website owner, you might be a little discouraged, but don’t worry – you still have an advantage and yes, you could still get a share of the post-Christmas profit. The beauty of online shopping is that people can make purchases without ever having to leave their houses, and it is especially appealing this time of the year, when just about everybody is out and about.


Not having a brick-and-mortar store should not stop you from providing your customers with an enjoyable and rewarding shopping experience. Here are some ways you can make shopping exciting for your customers – and boost your post-holiday sales:

Have a flash sale. Just for the entire day today, or perhaps for a few hours today for an added sense of urgency, give your customers huge discounts.

Thank your customers who shopped during the holiday season with post-holiday special deals or discounts. A little follow up via email plus a gift certificate or a coupon code will definitely make them happy.

Keep your holiday marketing efforts going until the year ends. Let them shop like it’s still Christmas.

Give your customers rewards and perks they won’t be able to get elsewhere. Free shipping is always an option, but since everyone’s still high on holiday cheer, why not give them extra low prices or a buy-1-take-1 deal on items that they would normally find expensive?

Offer rebates. Sure, it’s practically the same as a discount, but there’s just something a lot more rewarding with purchasing something and knowing that some of the money you spent on the item comes back to you.

I hope these tips help you increase your post-holiday sales!

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