Theresa Baiocco – 5-Step Conversion Process for Wildly Winning Tests

Written by Alex Harris

This post discusses the series of Conversion Conference Sessions I attended.

The 5-Step Conversion Process for Wildly Winning Tests
Theresa Baiocco, Conversion Strategist at Conversion Max

At Conversion Max, Theresa specializes in helping mid-sized businesses increase their online revenues with conversion optimization. She has a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado in Denver, a Master Certification in Conversion Optimization from Market Motive, and is a Google AdWords Qualified Individual.

Theresa contributes guest blog posts to several popular conversion and PPC blogs, such as Unbounce, UserTesting, and 3Q Digital, among others. Her writing has also been included in the Wall Street Journal and is often included in Marketing Day. She’s a dog-lover, a new mom, and a former travel-junkie.

During the recently-concluded Conversion Conference, she gave a presentation that discusses the 5-Step Conversion Process for Wildly Winning Tests, and here are a few highlights of her presentation:

First, she identified the most common conversion myths:

“I just redesigned my site so I don’t need to work on conversion anymore”

“I just need to figure out the tools and start testing”

“Will you just tell me what to fix on my site real quick to improve my conversion rate?” (Note: If it’s too easy, it never lasts. This is especially true in conversion optimization.)

“My site is different because…*insert flimsy excuse here*”

She then debunked it using her 5-step process:

Step 1 – Understand your target market

The first step involves understanding the 4 Buyer types, namely, the competitive, or those who are asking, “What?”, the Spontaneous (Why?), the Methodical (How?), and the Humanistic (Who?). Following this philosophy, you need to show Competitive buyers relevance, and Spontaneous buyers, value. Explain the process to the Methodical buyers, and feature people that may be of interest to the Humanistic buyers.

Competitive and Spontaneous buyers are fast in their decision-making process, while Methodical and Humanistic buyers take it slower. Competitive and Methodical buyers let their logic take over in making decisions, while Spontaneous and Humanistic buyers are ruled by their emotions.

Understanding your target market also involves creating buyer personas, giving your ideal customer a personality – background, what he’s looking for on the site, what we want him to do. Alternately, you can ask visitors to fill out a form on your site asking them basic information, such as their names, email, phone, and country, or perhaps asking them their purpose of visiting your site.

Step 2 – Figure out what’s preventing conversions

This means going into your analytics, taking a close look at your data to identify areas for improvement on your site. Another tip is to use a tool, such as Usability Hub to test your designs and mockups on real people and see how they interact with your design before you launch, to give you an opportunity to adjust and redesign if necessary.

You can also use heat maps to see exactly how your visitors react to and interact with your website, helping you identify the areas that get the most clicks and interactions. This lets you improve the other parts of your web pages.

Step 3 – Develop your hypothesis

It is important to develop your hypothesis because it determines your future conversion optimization strategies. It becomes the cornerstone of your future tests.

Step 4 – Test

Of course, you have to test in order to see which of your strategies are winning, which ones need improvement, and how else you can turn your site into a mean, moneymaking machine.

Step 5 – Repeat steps 2-4

This means finding out what else is preventing conversions, developing new hypotheses, and running more tests. Because as you know by now, optimization is a continuous process. Your results become your new control, and the goal is to keep beating that if you want your site to constantly improve.

Also, remember this formula:

Revenue = T x CR x VC


T – traffic
CR – conversion rate
VC – value of a conversion

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