The importance of website psychology and buyer modalities in marketing optimization

Written by Alex Harris

This entry is part of a series of posts about marketing optimization and the marketing optimization process.

The term “website psychology” might sound new and abstract, but it is actually one of the more important factors governing marketing optimization. It was mentioned in a previous post that one of the things you need to have a deep understanding of in order to target the right audience is their behavior, as well as the reasons for such behavior. Website psychology then becomes your answer to that behavior – manipulating elements of your website to appeal to their behavior and influencing them to buy from you.
Understanding specific buyer modalities of the people who visit your website, on the other hand, involves understanding that there are different ways people think. It also means understanding how their different personalities are reflected on their interaction with your pages, and their feelings on your pages. It relates differently from logic versus emotion.

Different types of buyer modalities

There are four buyer modalities – competitive, spontaneous, methodical, and humanistic.

Competitive modalities are fast, structured, decisions. They are based on logic. Buyers who fall under this modality want to know why your solution is the best among others. It is similar to spontaneous in that they are both fast, but unlike competitive, it is unstructured and emotion-based. It asks you why you have to be chosen, now. What can you do for them right away – right now?

Slow and methodical, like competitive modalities, are structured and logic-based. They deal with how your process or solution works. These decisions are unhurried and definitely not spontaneous. Careful analysis and intensive study of the solution being offered is often involved. Humanistic, on the other hand, is slow, unstructured, and emotion-based. It seeks to answer who uses your solution. Buyers ask how it relates to them.

Understanding these modalities and how website psychology works helps shift your mindset, so you view your website in a completely different way. It helps you understand who is visiting your site, and once you know who they are and how they make decisions, as well as how they interact with your site, you will be able to talk to them correctly, using the voice that they understand – the voice that they use.
I’d like to know your thoughts! What is your understanding of website psychology? Sound off in the comments below.

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