The importance of testing and why you should never guess

Written by Alex Harris

This entry is part of a series of posts about marketing optimization, as well as the marketing optimization process.

With something as huge and as important as marketing optimization, you cannot afford to just guess – you need to test everything before you make any big decisions. You need to figure out and constantly test until you find a process that works for you because you need to continuously improve your website so that it always generates more profit.

How do you go about the testing process? Your first step would be to identify your target audience. This step allows you to know what tests to run, as well as where to test. Afterwards, you need to create a hypothesis for each experiment. Then, you use software to educate and perform split tests in order to further optimize your marketing campaigns. Split testing is the process of running two or more elements of any marketing creative to determine which of the two is better.

You also need to have a clear problem. You cannot be vague about it, otherwise, you won’t be able to find a clear solution. You also need to be able to understand very well the problems and needs of your target audience. Remember that even if they do it through your website, people still ultimately buy from other people. This said, we need to define the solutions for them.

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