The importance of goal setting in the marketing optimization process

Written by Alex Harris

Growth Optimization to Increase Revenue & Profit

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Determining your goals is perhaps one of the most crucial steps in marketing optimization. Without goals, you cannot move forward and identify the steps you need to take in order to make more money off your site.

What you want to do initially is determine your quantifiable and qualitative goals. For example, if you have a service-based business, it makes sense for lead generation to be one of your goals, while for ecommerce sites, increasing average order value, creating more profit, or increasing your conversion rates from your marketing campaigns can be some of your goals. You also want to optimize your average order value, or improve the opt-ins and build your email list, as well as improve your returning customer revenue and increase mobile leads.

You also want to focus on decreasing order time, which entails figuring out what is right for you. this you can do by creating the 80-20. This is based on the principle that most ecommerce sites make 80% of their revenue from 20% of their inventory, which means that you need to identify and understand that 20% so that you can promote those products on your site. When you succeed in doing that, you can get more people to purchase from your site in a shorter amount of time.

80/20 Google Analytics Paretos Principle

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. It is a common rule of thumb in business; e.g., “80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients.” Mathematically, the 80–20 rule is roughly followed by a power law distribution (also known as a Pareto distribution) for a particular set of parameters, and many natural phenomena have been shown empirically to exhibit such a distribution.

Understanding your goals also makes you test and analyze things better, and we all know that with proper testing and analysis, you get one step closer to figuring out what your customers want to see on your site and how they use your site, so you can then employ effective, timely strategies to get them to do what you want – trust you and purchase from your site.

One of the top eCommerce optimization strategies that I focus on the optimization of your header navigation.

Not enough people spend enough time focusing on the best navigation for the user, especially in the header. Getting people to the right product quicker, 1 or 2 clicks to your best selling products so people can check out is ideal. In this case, with EnergyFirst, they had a normal e-commerce experience, showing off their products, supplements, recipes, success stories and so forth. We re-designed their header area, adding the Better Business Bureau, McAfee logos, and redoing how their navigation worked. Instead of people going to products and then to protein, they can simply click on whey protein or green drink or pre-workout drink. Instead of having to click on category and then go to products, they list it out. The majority of their products, they have 100-some products. The majority of what they sell is only 5 of those products. Listing the top 5 at the very top, getting people quicker to the product they’re looking for, it helps increase the amount of clicks across the entire site by 25%. Huge. We did the exact same thing for the footers as well.

goal setting in the marketing optimization

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