How Survey Monkey Can Make Gathering Customer Feedback Simple And Easy

Written by Alex Harris

For years businesses have used online survey companies in order to gather information on their customers and while there are several solid options to choose from, Survey Monkey continues to remain the gold standard when it comes to online consumer research.

They’ve been providing businesses with the tools they need in order to better understand their customers for almost 15 years and show no signs of slowing down. If you’re looking for a way to receive feedback or simply want to know more about your customers, here are some of the reasons why you won’t find a survey company better than Survey Monkey.

Simplicity At Its Finest


Not everyone can be an expert when it comes to technology, especially if the internet is involved. That’s why Survey Monkey is perfect for people who want an easy way to get in touch with the needs of their customers without having to use a complex software program. Its user inference is incredibly intuitive and even people with a limited amount of experience using software programs will have no problems using Survey Monkey.

A Wide Variety of Templates


If you’ve decided to utilize the power of surveys in order to receive feedback from your customers, you likely have several types of questions you’ll want to ask. Survey Monkey knows how different businesses are from one another, which is why they have several types of survey templates to choose from.

Survey Monkey considers a variety of factors, including the size of your business, what type of feedback you want to receive, and what type of industry you work in, which means you won’t have to worry about not being able to find a template that is perfect for you.

Questions You Can Choose From


Many businesses have an idea of what they want to ask their customers, but what if you simply can’t figure out what you want to find out? Survey Monkey has a fantastic question bank from you to choose questions from and best of all, all of their questions have been tested and verified in previous surveys, which means you are guaranteed to get the results that you want.

Easy To Understand Results


Anyone who works in marketing can tell you how frustrating it can be when you have data that is poorly organized together. It is not only difficult to understand, but it can make you completely misinterpret the wants and desires of your consumers, which is something that all businesses want to avoid.

Survey Monkey can deliver accurate results that can easily be analyzed. This means you can get the information you want about your customers without it being messed up by being presented in inaccurate graphs or charts.



If you opt to use somewhat old-fashioned marketing strategies like focus groups, you’ll likely have to wait a prolonged period of time in order to receive the feedback you want. Even worse, you won’t be able to have a large sample size if you use focus groups, which means you likely won’t get an accurate understanding of your customers.

With Survey Monkey, you won’t have to worry about waiting or not getting a large enough sample size, as you can effortlessly send out your surveys to thousands (or more) of your customers.

Cheap (And Sometimes Free)


Along with all of its amazing functions and resources, Survey Monkey is also incredibly cheap. In fact, if all you need is to ask a small sample size of your customers a couple of questions, Survey Monkey has a free version that you can use. But if you’re looking for a little more, they have several pricing options that are incredibly affordable and can offer you everything including unlimited access to questions and custom logos and colors.



In the end, the choice is up to you when determining which service you want to use in order to conduct market research. But Survey Monkey is easy to use, quick, and can allow you to customize each survey so you get the exact type of feedback that you want. Best of all, it’s fairly affordable and even offers a basic package that is free!

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