Student Education Web Software App

Written by Alex Harris

Education Web App DesignIn the last few years we’ve been creating a lot of web application interfaces for students,  education and colleges. We really love to work on these projects. The challenge of discovering the right user flows for the right intuitive experience. Alex Designs tasks involve the conceptualizing the goals, designing the interface and developing the CSS/HTML/JS prototype, but we do not handle the back-end programming or database work.

Here is an application that went live in early 2010. This experience was created for a private university with several roles – student, professors and general staff. Along with a guest experience that allows potential new students to browse the application and influence  enrollment. The students and professors roles are similar. Students review class schedules and related syllabus, plus submit assignments and receive grades. Then professors can edit a course, deliver assignments and grade them.  The university can also use this extranet / intranet to promote campus news and events plus adding a social component for students, staff and professors to interact.

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