Day 17 of 30 – Stay Hungry, No is Power

Written by Alex Harris

Timing is everything. So put yourself in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time. The more people tell you NO, the more chances you have in getting a yes.

Being told “NO” is a positive from me. It makes me hungry to accomplish more. I am relentless and do not give up. Sure, I have failed and made a fool out of myself many times before, but I learned each time and always try to improve. I analyze my life and try to anticipate a person’s reaction. When I get a NO, I at least try to get some feedback to maybe close that sale the next time.

Getting told NO is power. It should motivate you to get better and find the right fit. Timing is everything and you need more QUALITY chances for people to say NO. The bigger the risk the bigger the rewards, right?

Here is my creative sketch for today. I love my city and want to do some landscape painting of Hollywood, Florida. What do you think?

Hollywood Florida Artist Alex Harris

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