Small Business Optimization

Written by Alex Harris

MELANIE BENSON STRICK – Small Business Optimization

Melanie Benson Strick - Small Business OptimizerOptimizing is a term that can go a lot of different ways. The way I look at optimizing is that each and every one of us – as entrepreneurs, business owners, service professionals, whatever our thing is – the optimizing is making your business perform better by working less.

I like to look at it as what if we could be working on the 20% that’s getting us 80% of our results, instead of what most people are doing, spending 80% of our time just kind of eking out 20% of the income goals or even noticing that we’re spending so much time on the things that generate the least amount of revenue, the least amount of impact. So I like to flip that around.

When we’re optimizing businesses the way I do it on the Small Business Optimizer Processes, we’re constantly looking at what are the things that have the biggest bang for the buck that are actually going to really catapult you forward towards whatever your goals are.

That’s the way I define it is it’s broader than just marketing, broader than just conversion, broader than just testing and doing split tests and tracking, which are all important, but there’s actually a whole other level of optimizing that has a huge impact on the overall profitability that an entrepreneur has.

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