Why Your Site Should Have a Responsive Web Design

Written by Alex Harris

If you own an ecommerce site, then you should know that most of your customers now view your website on devices other than their laptops or desktop computers. More often than not, they do their online activities on more portable devices, such as their phones and tablets, and this includes online shopping, which is why it is extremely important for your website to have a responsive web design.

Having an adaptive or responsive web design means that your website adjusts itself and follows size and display of your user’s screen. This is especially helpful if they are browsing through your site on their mobile phones and tablets, because they no longer have to squint just to read small fonts, or zoom in and out just to see images properly. This allows you to expand your reach to mobile users in a more cost-effective way, because you no longer have to develop a separate mobile interface design for your site – your site will resize its display intuitively.


Benefits of an Adaptive/Responsive Web Design

Increased sales and conversion rates. Because your users do not get redirected to pages other than your website’s, your users’ overall experience is better. The only thing they have to click on your site would be those that will take them to the product pages, and the “add to cart” feature.

Merged analytics and reports. Having an adaptive web design allows you develop a unified, more organized approach, because all the analytics done will just be on a single website. There won’t be any need to compare funnels and user information across different versions of your site.

Increased search engine visibility. Having a responsive design takes away the need for subdomains, so you get to manage your website using only a single web address. This helps optimize the steps you will take to ensure that you website is SEO-friendly.

It is cost efficient. You get to save time and money on mobile development, because it takes less time to come up with a responsive design than to develop a mobile version of your site. It also costs less than traditional mobile design.

Content management made easier. Managing  content is easier, because you only need to use a single administrative system, instead of handling two websites for the same store. You have less content to manage, plus you get to focus your optimization activities on a single CMS.

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