Day 4 of 30 – Simple not Complicated

Written by Alex Harris

Today I thought about my personal development journey and the many people I have followed or taken advice from. Many of the personal development messages overlap with similar advice about improving your life. Previously I would not consider some of the really simple advice because I was looking for the “secret” and thought it be more complex then just simple ideas like “Follow Your Passions”, “Do What You Love” or “Don’t Chase The Money”

Lately it seems like the simplest messages (that we have heard a million times) are probably the most important. For instance most of start out looking for the easy answers and the quick wins that will magically change our lives. Yet we know that life is hard and it takes a lot of work to really accomplish your dreams and reach your goals. Most of us will not win the lottery and that is not going to make you successful.

Success comes to us in more forms that money. Freedom and true wealth is happiness and inner peace. Today I stopped chasing the money and everything I do going forward will be a labor of love and focus on my passions in life.

It’s your world… Own it…

Its Your World, Own It

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