Shopify E-Commerce Website Increase Conversion Tips

Written by Alex Harris

Welcome to another website review with Alex Harris, where I show you how to increase your conversion rates and generate more leads.

It pays to have good design

I wanted to start with this website, because it’s actually designed really well. When a site is designed really well, sometimes it can be hard to identify where the options are to actually improve.

Check your web analytics for optimization points

RaeLynn's Boutique homepageIf I were to look at this website, I would certainly first look at the web analytics, to figure out where the top trafficked pages are. Then I would start to optimize based on those top trafficked pages. But not only the individual pages that are generating the most traffic or the most revenue; I would use heat maps then to figure out where they’re actually clicking.

In this case of RaeLynn’s Boutique, you can actually use something like Visual Website Optimizer or Crazy Egg to run heat map software, to figure out how far people are scrolling down, and then especially in the footer, what they’re clicking on.

In this case, it looks like you’ve got some social media going on and the latest news down here, some Instagram stuff, and then the additional links.

Consider having a heat map

So if the heat map software will tell me exactly that people were clicking on “About” or… is there a contact down here? Maybe it’s in the footer or the header. Maybe it’s under “Contact.” But it’s likely that people want to learn about your website before they actually purchase. So my guess is that people come down to the footer and they click on “About,” or they click on “Hours and location.”

Because if you were to buy a prom dress, you probably need to get fitted in some way. So people probably want to know exactly where you’re located, what your return policy is, and those types of things.

I would use Google Analytics to figure out your top trafficked pages, the top revenue pages, and the top bounce rate pages.

Does the slide show help?

RaeLynn's Boutique slideshowBefore I move on to some additional sections, if I were to test this site, I would try to figure out if this slide show is helping or hurting conversion. “Shop summer dresses now.” That’s pretty direct. I think that’s a good value proposition. “Free shipping over $100.” That’s a great way to increase your order value, getting people to actually spend more money.

But what I would do with your slide show is test first the static image versus a rotating image. I would figure out if that’s actually winning, and then I would test all the different slides to figure out which one is actually getting the best clicks. Then I would reimplement the slide show and reorganize them based on which one has the most clicks and which one has the most conversions. It’s a great way to figure out if this slide show is actually working for you.

Remove unnecessary links

RaeLynn's Boutique latest newsIt looks like some of the call to actions right here, above Instagram, I would tend to remove some of the links that may be taking you away from your site, and figure out where there’s a leak. Because the site is really well done, but it may be an option to continue to tweak, to get more conversions.

Because with e-commerce, obviously, we want to get the total sale. We want people to actually go to the cart. But there are also a lot of micro conversions along the way. If you arrive at the home page and no one’s actually clicking on what you want them to click on, then you need to create a micro version to get more clicks. If your bounce rates are high, then you may want to remove your Instagram links. That may help get more people to the finish line as well.

Indicate your bestsellers

Reorganize your top products by the bestsellers. So if you happen to find out that one or two of these sell more than all the others, reorganize your home page bestsellers, and then call them out as bestsellers. I mean, I think it’s pretty obvious that you sell dresses and prom dresses. But there’s almost a lack of telling people exactly what to do.

What if people are not ready to shop now? And you see what I just did? I went to click on “Shop now,” and it moved over to there. So people can get frustrated with that. I highly recommend testing some of those things.

Have email collection options

Let’s click on a category. Let’s go to prom dresses. As I said, it’s a great-looking site. But immediately, as I go through it, I think there’s a lack of ability to get either discounts or receive e-mail. You always want to have some way to collect e-mail addresses, either above the fold or on your left sidebar.

So I highly recommend adding an e-mail capture option to that left navigation right there. You probably have it in the footer. Yup, you have it in the footer right there. Okay.

On the call to action on the footer, people like news and updates, but that won’t necessarily incentivize them to actually put their e-mail address in. “Sign up for special offers and receive updates.” Testing different call to actions would definitely be one of my biggest suggestions, and also sign up.

Sign up, it sounds too committal. “Get free updates. Get special offers. Sign up free.” Make people know that this information is free. You won’t want to assume that people know exactly what you’re talking about.

Include faceted search or filtering

Let me just scroll through this real quick. Also, if you have the ability on your category pages to use faceted search or filtering… I know that this is a Shopify site, I believe. If you have the ability to use faceted search or the ability to narrow down sizes, colors, or brands, that would be a great way to add this to the left navigation as well. You can do that to companies like Nextopia and a few others, but it’s particularly called a faceted search.

Add “sale” to your navigation

In your navigation, “Blog” is great. I definitely want to add “Blog” to the navigation, but I would move it over to the far right. But is there a sale section? Are things on sale? Maybe, is there a clearance sale?

I would certainly suggest having a sale option. Because even if people are looking for a prom dress or looking to pay full price, I would certainly tell people where they can actually save money. Finding that low-hanging fruit is one part of the key wins.

“Summer collection – lacy maxi. Summer vintage.” I mean, that might mean something to fashionistas or brands. So you are filtering that way. But this just seems a little bit too vague.

Have a size chart

Click “View.” I highly recommend doing this for all Shopify sites. This is a great way to get people to the site a lot quicker. Showing the size right there is really good. Have a size chart. People always want to know what the size chart. So I strongly recommend you adding that. Obviously, not all sizes fit all women, so you want to ensure you do that.

Figure out your top search queries

I recommend in your AdWords campaigns, if you can figure out the top search queries that are driving the most conversions – more than likely, it’s “prom dresses,” “prom dresses inexpensive” – but I would try to figure out what the non-obvious ones are. You can do that by going into Google AdWords and under search queries, and figuring out which search results are getting the most conversions.

Collect leads

In this case, dresses usually go for a couple of hundred bucks. But what if they’re not interested in buying this right away? I would certainly recommend having a way to collect leads above the fold, on the left side.

But this is a great-looking site. I think you have to really just fine-tune where those little nuggets of information are. It’s probably breaking down which of the top pages are driving the most revenue, and then breaking those down by heat maps, figuring out where people are leaving, and then why people are not leaving.


RaeLynn's Boutique add to cart pageLet’s quickly go through checkout. Let’s say a size 2, I want black. I’ll add it to the cart. Okay, I added it to the cart, but there’s nothing that showed up, that popped up to let me know that I added to the cart.

I know from designing e-commerce sites that it showed up there, but maybe you want to have a little processing thing, and there’s almost like a confirmation. I think there’s a way to do that in Shopify. But tell people what action there is and what to do next. I can show you a quick example of that I believe.

Secure options

So great job having secure options. If possible, can you make this secure checkout a different color than all the other buttons? Have it really stand out. Because right now, it’s not telling me exactly what to do. Even though it says, “Secure checkout,” it should say like, “Checkout now,” or, “Continue to go to checkout.”

There’s the shipping calculator. Because people always want to know what their shipping costs are before they arrive.

Shop with confidence

You’re missing that “Shop with confidence” box. What are your return policies? How fast does it ship? What does it ship with? What am I expecting? UPS, FedEx? Oh, right here. Shopify has got a good checkout process. “Contact,” we already have a contact.

Reinsure security. Have great security symbols. There’s also a missing aspect of testimonials. Have more people tell about your product. Have pictures of happy teenagers that went to proms. Use that as an advantage to really increase your social proof.

So I can’t get back in any way, unless I click down here “Return to store.” Let’s see. I just want to check real quick. “Continue to next step.”

Shopify does a good job of one-page checkout. Pop any questions, if you do have any questions initially.

Be clear with what you’re trying to market – check competition

But overall, that’s a really great-looking site. In order to check out how other people are doing this, I usually go up to the search engine rankings. I try to look exactly at what you’re trying to market. Indiana’s prom dresses, tuxedos, rentals, casual dress boutique. This is how I’ll figure out what other people are doing.

So I’ll just go into Google, “Indiana’s prom dresses.” That’s certainly a long-tail search. I’ll just go through it. I’ll right-click and look at what other people are doing based on pay-per-click advertising. You don’t want to do it based on natural search. You want to figure out where people are spending money and see what they’re doing.

So cheap prom dresses. Here is exactly what I mentioned. Faceted search, the ability to refine based on the category that you’re on. We found all of these products specifically for prom dresses. So this is a great example of using faceted search based on what they’re looking for.

Let’s say A-line dress. So if people are looking for a particular dress, that way, it gets them to the right product in a short amount of time.

Up to 80% off plus free shipping. Free shipping, $299. Pretty expensive. They’re having a sale and creating some scarcity in the header. “Ships in 24 hours.” People don’t know, if their proms are coming up, when it’s actually going to ship. So almost everything that I mentioned before, they are doing.

Offering different currencies, a great thing to do as well. You know, some of this stuff might be difficult with Shopify, but you were able to do that.

Pamela’s Dresses, free shipping in the USA. Not the best example. JJ’s House, is that a similar site, JJ’s House? and JJ’s House are doing almost the exact same thing. 50% off, calling out your bestsellers and what’s actually on sale.

Having scarcity. It’s very common for people to do the exact same strategies on all their e-commerce sites.

Ooh, a lot going on there. Dillard’s. To filter by color, let’s say I’m looking for that awesome gold dress, there you go. Boom, gold dress. This is how you do it.

Have reviews

Reviews, the ability to show reviews. People like to buy other things that people are buying. A great example of showing it right there. Showing reviews right on the page. I definitely recommend adding reviews.

And it’s a good site actually. If you don’t use reviews in the site, you can actually use, I think it’s I don’t know. That’s not the right one. I’ll find it though.

Another example. The exact same thing. This might be the same exact company with three different sites – prom dresses, dream prom dresses. All doing the exact same thing – creating scarcity, free shipping on prom dresses and wedding dresses, not showing the total amount, having reviews. Those three sites are doing the exact same thing.

Promo and seasonal sales at the top header

Showing a sale with a promo code in the top header. A great way to do that as well. Pre-holiday sale, end of summer sale. Make it seasonal.

If you do have any questions or you want to reach out to me, I do help a lot of companies with this. We go through web analytics and user experience to really figure out where those pain points are, where people drop out, what people are clicking on. Then we find those quick wins. Where are you making 80% of your revenue off of 20% of your products?

If you want to learn more, you can visit me at

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