Shop away with Shopify: How it helps start-up site owners

Written by Alex Harris

Startup workplace

If you are looking for ecommerce software that will let you express your brand while providing robust functionality, then Shopify is for you. This ecommerce solution was designed to help companies, start-ups and small business especially, stand out from the competition with superior customizability and features.

Shopify is deeply tied to start-ups, having been created to provide start-ups with a technology that can be tailored to suit the needs of the business. Indeed, Shopify is one of the most flexible ecommerce solutions in the market, offering a host of options and features that will prove beneficial to start-ups that have yet to establish their place in the business arena.

Here are some of the ways Shopify aid start-ups:

Simple setup

A lack in computer skills can become a problem especially for start-up owners who do not have the money to pay for the services of third-party programmers. Shopify remedies the problem by providing very simple setup options that are easy to use and modify.

Customizable templates

Looking different is essential to standing out from the competition. Shopify offers more than 100 templates you can customize, letting you present your brand in a way that has never been done before. In case you still have difficulty finding the template for you, you can search among the vast selection of customized Shopify templates that many design firms make.


Shopify supports over 50 different payment options, allowing you to use one that’s truly convenient for you and your customers. The software also integrates well with other solutions, including Google Analytics. Together with its very own Shopify Analytics, this means that you can accurately keep track of your customers’ habits.


The Shopify team and community are prepared to provide support for anything from software issues to finding the right template.

Shopify is your best choice if you want a solution with the features that will allow your start-up to flourish. If you want to see if Shopify is the right one for you, you can get the 14-day trial they offer.

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