Search and PPC Optimization

Written by Alex Harris

BRIAN CHAPPELL, give his perspectives of Search and PPC Optimization

Brian Chappell SEO ExpertI guess at the highest level, since I call myself an Internet marketer, it’s basically kind of a process that no matter what we’re doing – whether it’s building a website, launching a website, promoting it, getting search traffic, driving PPC traffic – there’s some level of optimization that’s going on.

Typically, that revolves around the idea of trying or testing something quickly. So not spending too much time, like seven or eight months, to find out exactly what needs to be correct. Let’s figure out how we can try or test something in a small piece, and then quickly trying to identify after we launch that, analyzing if it’s a success or a failure.

Then going back into that process and iterating, and then either fleshing out maybe the rest of that component of what we were doing or maybe just adjusting based off of the feedback or the analysis that we got on the initial experimentation and then doing something bigger and better each time. That way, over time, things become bigger and better, and they work better.

It’s not this idea of just waiting, waiting, waiting, finding, going live, and then having to wait another seven to eight months after you have to retool something. It’s this idea of in the agile world, you want to test and fail fast. So we apply that with a lot of the things that we do on a daily basis.

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