Roland Frasier: Copy and Paste Conversion Hacks From 3,000 Split AB Tests

Written by Alex Harris

This post discusses the series of Conversion Conference Sessions I attended.

22 Copy & Paste Conversion Hacks From 3,000 Split Tests
Roland Frasier, Principal,

One of the presenters at the recently-concluded Conversion Conference was Ronald Frasier, Principal of Digital Marketer and Idea Incubator. Interestingly enough, he is an attorney who evolved from practicing law and managing his own law practice to buying and selling companies, repositioning businesses, and direct response marketing. He talked about Copy and Paste Conversion Hacks from 3,000 Split Tests to make anyone look like a CRO rockstar – even if they do not have the traffic or money to test.

During his fast-paced session, we learned the 22 best ways to increase conversions across your entire funnel, lower your ad costs and increase your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) using conversion hacks and applying them to our business. Best of all, the hacks are simple, easy to implement, and offers results the same day they are implemented. These hacks work in B2C and B2B and both service based and product based businesses.

They include:

*Using Facebook video ads to look like cinemagraphs
*The split test calendar
*Conversion rate tracking sheet
*Personalized email subject lines using non- name info from your CRM
*Facebook ads to deep-linked Amazon app for mobile ecommerce sales
*Adding a transition video to top of upsell pages to increase upsell conversions
*Using the 1st and 2nd pronouns in ad and button copy to increase conversions by up to 90%
*Using we-we monitor to avoid talking too much about yourself and making your website more customer-focused
*Using click-tracking to capture all your visitors’ click
*Eliminating rotating hero shot banners from your landing pages to increase clicks by 99%
*Using credit card updaters to recapture credit card declines
*Using onsite retargeting for dynamic contextual offer pops to get 2,689 more leads from exiting traffic, increasing sales by 30.22%, decreasing bounce rate by 8.52%, and increasing time on site by 35%
*Using BuzzSumo to increase email open and click-through rates
*Using Facebook targeting options to increase click-through and conversion rates
*Results from 576 split tests on product launch
*Using smart retargeting to get 81% more leads and 38% more sales from paid traffic
*Increase YouTube conversions by 30%
*How to increase conversions by 3 times to even 5 times using in-mail survey
*Full funnel conversion optimization with retargeting pixels and look-alike audiences
*Facebook conversion pixel optimization
*Run tower data to determine your buyer demographics, then use that for targeting

And bonus learnings from 3.000 split tests.

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