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"I did a 20 minute call with Alex and he gave a list of recommended changes i should test. All of which are pretty easy changes and after im done testing them all I should have more conversions which is the end goal. Great call!"
Eric C., March 2015

"Alex was great. He came to the meeting prepared with actionable insights specific to our use-case. Definitely knows his stuff when it comes to conversion rate optimization. Recommend!"
Peter F., March 2015

"I gave Alex some "zinger" questions that he probably doesn't get from most clients and he answered them like a champ! It's nice to speak with someone who has experience and can give such actionable advice."
Tod S., Feb. 2015

"This is my second time working with Alex because the first time produced such incredible results! He is brilliant, efficient, and does his homework to give you the most relevant information for YOUR business. He's more than worth what he charges."
Kristin S., Feb 2015

"Alex is amazing. He did his homework before the call. Best call I had on Clarity.fm so far. We will definitely talk to Alex again and will probably use his services."
Frank K., Jan 2015

"My call with Alex was great. He obviously cares about trying to provide value, as he had spent some time to review our site and come up with a PDF of examples that he could talk me through during the call. He made several very helpful suggestions about how we can go about optimising our site for conversions, and this was great, as now we can get the insights first hand ourselves, rather than paying to have a consultant do this for us. We will certainly seek more advice from Alex"
Lenny W., Dec. 2014

"I conducted dozen of calls to gather feedback on some new landing pages we were creating, and Alex's advice was easily the best. He gave specific recommendations on copy, colours and design that will definitely improve our conversions. Highly recommend him for any help you might need regarding landing page design, copy & improving conversion rates."
Dan Martell., Jan 2014

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