Raising conversion rates through health and fitness e-commerce pages

Written by Alex Harris

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Even for all the health and nutritional benefits they offer, health and fitness products can be a challenge to sell, especially over the Internet. Building and using an effective e-commerce page can convert customers and enhance your ability to earn revenue.

EnergyFirst.com has worked with AlexDesigns in the past. The company caters to the health-conscious and to fitness enthusiasts, providing a wide selection of products including whey protein, green drinks, and a variety of health and fitness supplements. They engaged us to create an e-commerce page based on Netsuite that will help them attain to their goals of higher conversion rates.

The past few years saw increasing favor for health and fitness products, but with the rising demand came stiffer competition. Not only did more manufacturers begin producing their own health supplement brands, more vendors also started selling their products. The heavy competition meant that quality alone was not a guarantee for revenue—converting leads and making sales required a solid strategy. An effective e-commerce page is vital to this strategy.

An e-commerce page is a relatively low-cost solution for businesses looking into bringing their products closer to their customers. It is also clearly heaven-sent for customers who want a quick way to find and purchase the products they need. Due to the speed and convenience they offer, e-commerce pages are growing in popularity and are considered among the most effective way to convert leads and earn revenue.

AlexDesigns brought out the best that Netsuite could offer and produced a site that met the client’s expectations. The website was designed to be SEO-friendly, enhancing its effectiveness and making it more relevant for a longer period of time. AlexDesigns also helped in building custom landing pages for some of the company’s products. During the last test we ran, the site helped the company see a 65-percent increase in their conversion rate.

First Test Results

Here is the original conversion split test example

Landing Page Test Final Results

Breakdown of the winning landing page design:

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