Quiz it to win it: Tips on how to gather leads through and onsite quizzes

Written by Alex Harris

Question marks

You can find all sorts of quizzes online—some tell you which fantasy character you were in your past life, while others tell you what your personality type means for your career. Most of them may appear mundane, nonsense even, but did you know that with the right strategy, you can use online quizzes to gather leads for your business?

Quizzes are a great way to capture anybody’s attention. They take time, but as you may have discovered time and time again, quizzes are most probably here to stay because people are willing to take them. For this reason, you can use them as effective lead magnet. Here are a few ways how:

Give something interesting.

Quizzes are a hit because they offer users either a challenge or the chance to get to know more about themselves. It is for this reason that “past life” and personality quizzes are so popular. For this reason, it would be great if you can offer users quizzes that will give them questions about themselves

Ask for their email address.

At some point in your quiz, you should ask for the test taker’s email address. Ideally, this is done at the end of the quiz in order to ensure that your visitors remain interested. You can imitate personality quiz sites which ask for the visitor’s email address so they can send the results. This way, users will feel that they did not give out their details for nothing.

Be honest.

Once you have acquired the email addresses, you can then send your newsletters after you have sent the results. However, keep in mind that it pays to be honest to your site’s visitors by telling them that their email address will be added to an email list. While this may turn a few people off, it will ensure that the leads you gather are more likely to establish a relationship with your company and make a purchase in the long run.

Online quizzes are your friend if you want to gather leads for your business. More than just adding them to your site, you have to employ the right strategy to ensure that they will work as intended.

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