Quick Wins to Higher Conversion Rates

Written by Alex Harris

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Over the last few months I have been optimizing my own process to help companies increase leads and make more money from their website and eCommerce stores. I’ve now determined a process to get an average of 50% Increase in Conversion Rates in 21 days. In fact, the last test I ran, for an eCommerce come received…

+65% Increase in Conversion in 21 days
$2000 More Revenue Per Visitor

Now I’m not guarantee I can do that for every company. It’s just that if you do the right research and find the right things to test, then you can easily make this happen too. In this lesson, I want to tell you exactly how to do it. Or you can get the entire proceed by downloading it free.

Below is the video from the quick win process. Then I break down the information into a blog post.

5 Quick Wins To Higher Conversions

AlexDesigns-quickwins-16Practical and actionable advice to improve revenue and leads. The quickest way to increase the profit from your website is to increase the conversions. People want to buy from people they like. It takes research and execution.

Strategy is perfect for… Ecommerce, Saas, Landing Pages & WordPress
This quick win process has proven to get a 65% Conversion Improvement
Hundreds of Ecommerce, WordPress & Landing Pages
Over 5,000 A/B Tests

5 Quick Wins To Higher Conversions

  1. Qualitative
  2. Quantitative
  3. Hypothesis
  4. UVP & Language
  5. Win Quickly

AlexDesigns-quickwins-17#1 Qualitative Data

Understanding the why?
What is going on in the customers mind
Did you like my content
How can I improve my blog
What’s the next blog post I can writea
These are opinions and aggregating it into person
We can them build customer personas visit !!


Find out the pains, problems and desires are from your ideal customers.
Qualitative Tools Visitors Tell You Secrets


#2 Quantitative Data

Quantitative Tools

  • 80/20
  • Pages with most traffic
  • Most revenue pages
  • High bounce rate pages
  • Top Adwords by CR%
  • Top Landing Pages by Traffic
  • Landing Pages by Bounce Rate
  • 7 Top Traffic Page by Revenue

Review Conversion & Goal Tracking

Revenue & Heat Maps
Adwords -“Search terms match type”
How do people see your website?
Heatmap Recommendations that you may see in the results

  • Make links pop
  • Move lower cost
  • items above fold
  • Make images clickable
  • Label best sellers
  • Footer looks like banners

How do people see your website? Schools and govt. agencies! still use this browser.! You are getting a lot visits! from this demographic IE Bounce Rate is Double


#3 Hypothesis

Create Personas
Define Control & Goals

  • Example Ideas to take part in hypothesis
  • Too Busy / Salesy
  • What’s In It For Me?
  • Support for claims
  • Calories & Servings
  • Ingredients?
  • Want To Compare versus other brands



#4 UVP & Language

  • Clear Headline
  • Clear Tagline
    Don’t Make Me Think!

#5 Win Quickly

  • Try Ads & Re-targeting
  • Leverage Other Channels
  • Test Ads with Wins
  • Use Imagery from LPs
  • Target Based on Competitors
  • Use Headlines from UserTesting
  • Re-targeting Ads with Wins
  • Display Ads with Imagery from LPs

AlexDesigns-quickwins-45Some things to consider win this process:

  • Determine Queries for Conversions
    Every Website Is Unique

Then don’t forget to grow and scale!
Scale insights! It’s not not about having one great analyst, or one great optimizer. Today, you need everyone in your organization to be more data driven. Apply the scientific method and start planning more meaningful tests. This quick win process is just the beginning to higher conversions.

Here are the slides for this 5 Quick Wins to Higher Conversions.:

Download this presentation for future use.. Get it free – click here.

Do you have a question? Please let me know.
Also, I would love your feedback on this process and see if you have any additional tips. Post your comment below…

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