Pubcon 2015: My experience, Part 1

Written by Alex Harris

I had such a wonderful time at Pubcon, a conference that, prior to this year, I have never been to before. Pubcon Las Vegas 2015 was among the biggest and strongest gatherings of search and social media innovators ever assembled. It offers an unrivalled, highly-productive conference experience at some of the most cost-effective rates in the industry. It also gathered under one roof leading technology and online marketing visionaries under one roof. Thousands of leading social media, optimization, and online marketing professionals from around the world were in attendance. I was lucky to have been invited to speak twice at this event.

It was a pleasure to have exchanged ideas and interact with a lot of other optimizers from many different industries – search, PPC, content, email marketing, and of course, search engine. Rand Fishkin of Moz even called each of us “optimizers” in his speech, which was one of the highlights of the conference.



SEO: Dynamic and always changing

Pubcon 2015 reminded me of the importance of SEO. While I never really forgot how important it is to a business, listening to Rand Fishkin and interacting with other search engine optimizers reminded me of my early days in the business.

I love the SEO industry. In fact, I built my business on mastering SEO back in the early days, when it was relatively easier. I was number 1 for landing page designer in SERPs for over five years, until Google rolled out its Panda Algorithm in 2011.

A little backstory: I was number 1 on Google for the keyword, “landing page design” and I was getting tons of leads and charging a lot for each page. I was super busy and business was going great for years because back then, not many people were doing landing pages. Burn out from my working like crazy for so many years, I decided to take some time off and left my corporate job in January 2011 and figured I could just coast through the rest of the year. I was also getting married, and I didn’t want any stress during the wedding preparations.

And then the Google Panda update happened on February of the same year, and my SEO rankings were, to put it simply, crushed. My leads went from 10-20 a week to barely one. Things wouldn’t pick up until after my wedding in October of the same year.

Long story short, I didn’t anticipate the market changes and I paid for it. I took my success for granted and basically needed to start over. Pubcon 2015 reminded me of a great lesson – to not take anything for granted and be ready to pivot at any point in your career, especially when everything is doing well.

Speaking engagement, Day 1

The first event I participated in as a speaker was an 8-hour training with Jeffrey Eisenberg. It was a great experience, training people from all over the world. For that event, the masters training, we learned about many different companies, such as small to mid-size businesses like e-Commerce sites that sold furniture to B2B businesses like semi-conductors. We discovered that the simpler the product, the more you have to do as far as your marketing and optimization efforts are concerned.

I had a great time, and after the presentation, many participants approached me to say that Jeffrey and I offered the most valuable presentation during the conference.

Next up: the second presentation that I did. Stay tuned for the next entry, and sound off in the comments section!

Pubcon is coming to South Florida is on February 24 – 25 and guess what, I will be speaking there.

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