Providing online solutions for the legal sector

Written by Alex Harris


When we think about websites created for business, the first things that come to mind are e-commerce sites, online store, or catalogues, among others. We have done projects for companies from a wide variety of niches, each with varying requirements. Among the most notable of these was the work we did for a couple of websites for law firms and attorneys in the past.

While not as seemingly ubiquitous as online sellers, law-related websites are actually quite common. Attorneys are, after all, providers of law services—a niche that depends highly on trust. Lawyers must gain their potential clients’ confidence if they want to put food on the table. Vital to this trust is how much the clients know about the lawyer.

That being said, websites for law firms pose demands that are different from those posed by online retailers. They do not attract attention through color and fanfare—their ability to convert leads to clients does not rely only on how big their CTA buttons are. They must appear to be the right person for the job—one with the right skill set and experience. Their websites do not intend to impress so much as to inspire.

For a better idea on what this means, you can check out our case study on a web design for companies in the legal sector. We worked with McDougall Interactive, a company that specialized in lawyer financing. They want to increase their leads and generate better ROI. You can see the work we did for them, how we created for them a website that looked corporate and formal while approachable at the same time. This was clearly a demonstration of how web design must be performed with concern about the client’s niche and what they need to do to improve.

At AlexDesigns, we do a host of solutions that can help you enhance leads and conversions, and reach and exceed your sales goals. Contact me here to get started.

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