Professional Ecommerce Website: How to Get One

Written by Alex Harris

Overview about Shopify Ecommerce

Ecommerce has grown increasingly popular as many people now prefer to go online to shop for items. And, ecommerce technologies have also grown more sophisticated to meet the ever-increasing needs of online shoppers. A professional ecommerce website is essential for a successful ecommerce business.

In order to get a professional or best ecommerce website, you must select the best possible ecommerce website designer. Start by researching and making a list of ecommerce website designers. While trying to build this list, your resources include speaking with owners of professional ecommerce websites in your niche, asking around, and using the Yellow Pages to search online. After compiling the list, you can narrow it down to the best three and compare their services and costs.

Consider Previous Jobs

When you approach an ecommerce website designer, request to see the previous jobs done. Compare the portfolios of the designers in your list and pay attention to a designer who has developed the type of ecommerce website that you prefer. When exploring the websites in the various designers’ portfolio, ensure you check other pages and not just the home page. Pay attention on the navigations, how easy they are to use and how strategically they are placed. Also, take note of how the products are organized and the ones that are best organized.

Spell Out What You Desire for Your Ecommerce Website

Also, when seeking to get a professional ecommerce website, you should tell the designer what you are looking for in an ecommerce website. Request to speak with the main person and let him or her know exactly what you are looking for. Take a step further and request for a sketch of what the website will look like. And, if you have a particular ecommerce website in mind that you want to mimic, you can ask the designer to visit the site and give you a similar sketch. If indeed you are dealing with a professional website designer, you can be rest assured that the individual or company has the right skill and sophisticated tools to design the type of ecommerce website you are looking for.

Check Out the Costs

Cost is an important aspect of an ecommerce website design. While you should not trade quality for low cost, you should also ensure you are not paying too much for your ecommerce website. From your narrowed-down list of professional website designers, request for price quotes from each of them. Some of the professional ecommerce website designers charge hourly but will likely present the overall cost estimate of the project. One thing you should keep in mind about designers that charge per hour is that they may exceed the budget eventually. Some designers present a price quote based on cost per web page. These ones are more likely to stick to budget ultimately.

Don’t feel jittery to state your exact expectation from the ecommerce website design. Remember, most of the website designers do their jobs remotely. It means you won’t be there to monitor the job progress. So, request for an estimated time frame to ensure the work is professionally completed and delivered at the right time.

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