How to position your brand as a trusted advisor

Written by Alex Harris

There is a remarkable difference in the way products are launched and promoted nowadays, compared to a few years ago. Before, companies and brands relied heavily on press releases and in product information leakage and asking influencers to blog about it in order to create buzz and hopefully increase reach. These methods were effective, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, the effects are not as long lasting as say, an ongoing campaign. Because these are one-time communication opportunities, there is no way for brands to communicate with their audience again after the hype subsides. The next possible opportunity is upon the next big release, or when the next blog post goes live.

With so many brands competing for the same audience, what can set you apart from your competition is your relevance to your customers. You need to be one of those sources of information they can trust and will never ignore. For that to happen, you need to bombard them with authentic, believable, and consistent messages. To achieve top of mind recall, you need to establish yourself as a trusted advisor.

How do you achieve this, especially if you have limited resources? You need to maximize your use of owned media. This includes your various social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and blogs. The best and most cost effective way to go about it is to empower your employees to blog, tweet, and share both on your company’s channels, and on their personal accounts. This ensures that first-hand, reliable information is being disseminated by people who actually know what the product or service or about, which means they will be more than able to answer any questions that may come their way. Furthermore, it allows your company to communicate directly with your audience, which means engagement is easier and more organic, more “human.”

Keep in mind that the messages on your company’s owned media should be valuable to your users, so steer clear of sales propaganda. Your message does not always have to be directly about your products and services – it is always a good idea to have industry related information to position yourself as a trusted advisor in the industry.

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