Why optimizing your website to increase traffic is not enough

Written by Alex Harris


First, let’s get one thing straight. You NEED SEO to drive traffic to your website, grow your website, and ultimately, build your brand and get more customers. It is not something you can skip or prioritize less, because without SEO, you will have a hard time luring people to your site. This means that you should continue your ongoing SEO efforts, which should include having a strong presence on social media.

However, it can get a bit tricky to estimate your ROI from your SEO campaigns. This is why aside from optimizing your site for search engines, you should also optimize it to increase your conversion rate, and that is what CRO is all about.

SEO needs constant upkeep. If you stop your SEO efforts, you will inevitably see a drop in your traffic. With CRO, your copywriting, design, and programming issues need not be fixed periodically, unless you test and you find that there are other ways to get your traffic to convert into actual paying customers. For CRO, you are able to still generate ROI even after the initial work has been done. You do not need additional investments to generate additional sales. You simply need to know how to squeeze more conversions out of the visitors that you already have, and you can do this by conducting user testing and web traffic analysis. If you are using PPC, you can even lower marketing costs by identifying and then eliminating keywords from ad campaigns that do not convert.

New sales generated from CRO are definitely more profitable those generated from SEO. This means that you should invest as much time and resources in CRO because even if you have heavy traffic on your site, if none of your visitors are buying from you, then you are not optimizing enough.

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