3 Ways to Optimize your Small Business Website for Lead Generation

Written by Alex Harris

Would you be really excited to get more leads from your website? Most small businesses would raise their hands! Here are some tips…

I’ve reviewed many small business websites and found they all have similar problems. Their problems usually a result from not consistently updating your updating your website. Updating your website, improving and measuring results is called OPTIMIZATION.

Not talking about just Search Engine Optimization. There many types of optimization…For example… Advertising optimization, conversion rate optimization, landing page optimization and optimizing lead generation.

Just like you are optimizing your business goals, expenses and profit.
You also need to optimize your website.

If you do not optimize your business you do not grow.
If you do not optimize your website, you will slowly fade into cyber space.

Your website isn’t something you put on your business card and forget about. The website is an extenstion of your brand and the first impression to many of your prospects. Be proactive with your online strategy & your website will produce leads for years.

Here are 3 strategies to optimize your SMB website for lead generation…

#1 – Create a UVP
This stands for “Unique Value Proposition”. Most people call this a Unique Selling Proposition. What I have found is that websites do not sell, they help people solve problems. Creating a UVP involves the following:

  1. Headlines that are very easy to understand and support the photography
  2. Photography that is clear and easy to understand and is supported by the headlines.
  3. Testimonials that are relevant to the problem that you are trying to help people solve.
  4. Content that shows value and is unique to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Here is an example of a redesign we completed to emphasis a UVP:
Optimizing Your Small Business UVP

#2 – Don’t Make People Think
Steve Krug’s book “Don’t Make Me Think” is one that I refer back to consistently. You want to remove all confusion and friction from your website and tell people what to do. Here are some tips:

  • Simple Messaging and remove the fluff
  • Messaging and designs should be focused on clarity and not confusion
  • Sell the solution and not the products.
  • Have a lead form on every page

Here is an example:
Small Business Website Design

#3 Build Trust
Most people on the internet have a lack of trust. Everyone feels that they are being scammed. You need to show credibility and become an authority in your niche. Then get people to review you and talk about you. Some ideas to build trust include:

  • Get People Talking About Your Company
  • Create Raving Fans
  • Build Word of Mouth

Here are a few ways to get people talking about your website:

  1. Ask your clients for reviews on Google Maps
    This is especially important if you have a physical location
  2. Ask your customers for reviews on Yelp
    Very important for restaurant and really any brick and mortar business.

See my slides about “3 Ways to Optimize your Small Business Website for Leads” –

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