Optimize for Revenue with LeadPages

Written by Alex Harris

Optimize-for-Revenue with LeadPages

CLAY COLLINS examples that you need to optimize for revenue with software like LeadPages.net

Clay Collins – LeadPagesI really take everything back to you, optimization. People talk about user experience. I think about optimization – and more specifically, conversion – in terms of user experience and just about anything in a business. I really do think it’s just a matter of making the things that you want to have happen, happen more often. That’s what optimization is to me.

I think it’s really all about picking the metrics that are important to you and focusing on those to the exclusion of other things. I’ve seen so many instances where people have just gotten their heads twisted up around the wrong metric.

For example, all the time, I see people focusing on conversion rate, when instead they should be focusing on revenue. So people will be, “Well, I’m worried about buying this traffic, because it’s not going to convert on my sales page at this high a rate as this other source.” One source might be cheaper than another and convert at a lower percentage rate, but you still might make more money in the end, compared to another page or another traffic source that converts better but is going to make you less money.

So I think it’s really all about the metrics you focus it on and making those happen more and more often.

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