Whet Your Clients’ Appetites… Design and Optimization for the online Food Industry

Written by Alex Harris

saladLast year, I was fortunate enough to have worked with some amazing companies. Interestingly, I have found that I am really good at working with companies in either the health/fitness and food categories. It’s just something that I guess is natural since I worked at a diet and fitness company for over 11 years. Lately, I have been working with health supplement and nutrition companies, plus home food delivery services. It’s amazing to me how far the industry has really came, but still, a lot of the fundamentals are really there.


I have had the opportunity to work with some great companies – new companies that are selling new technology to improve the quality of the food that we eat overall. These include things that I never even thought would become popular over the Internet, which is really the only place to find them. For example, if you don’t live close to a Whole Foods, then you may need to order some specific ingredients online. One of the companies that I have been doing a lot of online work for sells groceries online. They are popular in the Paleo and organic food space because everything they sell is non-GMO, organic, somewhat gluten-free, etc. The company is called WiseChoiceMarket.com, and they have a lot of great, interesting products, some of which I am actually even trying myself right now, like bone broth. I never thought of bone broth being something of interest to a lot of people, but it’s a very popular product online.

Replaced my morning tea with bone broth #paleo #bonebroth

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We’re actually optimizing their homepage, category page, and item pages to sell more bone broth. They also sell online a variety of other goods, like organic fermented vegetables, different soups, organic potato chips, and salmon. It is a great place if you want to order your groceries online and enjoy gourmet food of excellent quality.

I also do work with a company that sells kombucha. I have never heard of this kind of tea before, but it is really popular among vegetarians and health-conscious people. To make this tea, you have to brew it and it ferments over a period of time. It has gained popularity online. We have been optimizing the GetKombucha.com website to improve their ecommerce sales from WooCommerce. They also sell a variety of brewing kits, brewing teas, and different gifts online.

middle-banner3The other company that I wanted to mention, I have been doing work with for over six years is EnergyFirst.com. They are one of the first health and fitness companies that I have had the opportunity to work with. We have gone through many different redesigns through the site, and in recent weeks we have been testing pay-per-click landing pages to specifically help them make more money. It’s been really interesting to see this company grow because they have gone through the .com boom, and then the recession, and then they were hit by all the Google SEO penalties, so they have been rebranding and rebuilding their site for many years. Now we have seen them go through those problems, some of those successes, and regrowing every single year. This is a great company to look at as a success story of the Internet. EnergyFirst.com specializes in health supplements, like whey protein powder, fish oil, and green drink. I personally have been taking these supplements for many years, especially the green drink. It can dramatically improve your health, giving you more energy. It doesn’t contain a lot of sugar and it is something that keeps you from getting sick. EnergyFirst.com is definitely a site that you should check out. We are proud to have helped them dramatically increase their revenue the past few years.

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