Oli Gardner: The 12-Step Landing Page Rehab Program

Written by Alex Harris

This post discusses the series of Conversion Conference Sessions I attended.

Your 12-step Landing Page Rehab Program
Oli Gardner, Co-founder, Unbounce

One of the esteemed presenters in the recently-concluded Conversion Conference was Oli Gardnder, who discussed the 12-Step Landing Page Rehab Program which highlighted, you guessed it, the many ways you can overhaul your landing page to be an efficient moneymaking machine.

Oli Gardner has probably seen more landing pages than anyone else on the planet. He coined the term “Conversion Centered Design,” and authored the marketing theory behind its seven principles. At Unbounce, he practically lives in front of a 20-foot whiteboard, mashing up usability, interaction design, and landing page optimization to create better conversion experiences.

His disdain for marketers who send PPC traffic to a homepage is legendary. When not trying to rewire conversion methodology, Oli spends time mulling ideas such as legally changing his name to “Landing Page” to garner extra SEO love from his guest post byline, and was recently named “The 2014 Marketer to Watch” in the under 42 category, by no less than his mother.

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