NetSuite SEO Tips for Item Template

Written by Alex Harris

NetSuite web site design is really no different than any other type of ecommerce development, so the SEO – Search Engine Optimization, is really not different either. Here is an example of how to set up your Netsuite web site item template for SEO…

NetSuite SEO Tips for Item Template basic example:

    1. Need an H1 tag – basic HTML tag that defines the header of your page. In this case it is the title of the product. Example code (code changed for demo):


  • Main keyword should be used 3 times with the live text of the page – hidden text is not acceptable. In this example, it is used:
    A. in the h1 tag
    B. in the (P) description text – preferably with a (B) or (STRONG) around it
    c. in the left column



  • Better use of internal links. Breadcrumbs, parent categories links and related items are great to make search engine spiders move broadly across your site.



  • The title tag need to include the keyword(s) you are targeting



  • Since most search engines ignore meta tags, you really do not need to do individual meta tags for each item. But it doesnt hurt to have them and there are work-arounds to make all your meta tags dynamic so they are not manually entered.


Want to see another NetSuite case study?

NetSuite SEO Tips for Item Template

How is your NetSuite Item Template set up for SEO?

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