NetSuite and iPhone work well together

Written by Alex Harris

Are you using the iPhone and NetSuite together? Lets us know in the comments below…

I have been using the iPhone and NetSuite together and it does work well. It doesn’t matter what size your dashboard is, it fits perfectly. You can even have multiple windows going at once. On wifi its perfect, without wifi it can be slow. I can do everything, run reports, edit my theme and all. Basically everything you can do on a regular computer. One thing I haven’t figured out yet is copy and paste, simple, but I don’t think it is an option. Usually, I just like to read the user group on my iPhone!

Definitely a convenience. Some companies have even done press releases about NetSuite and the iPhone…

The new iPhone now enables mobile executives, departmental employees, and agents to have true enterprise computing at their finger tips, according to Skyytek CEO Ray Tetlow. Using on-demand technology, such as NetSuite, instant CRM, ERP, HR and workflow processes can be performed without the complex integration of mobile technology with back-end systems, he adds.

Read more about it, click here.

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