Model Successful Business People

Written by Alex Harris

models of business success

models of business successOne of the basic steps to becoming successful is to model other successful people. I have always know this to be important or find a mentor. I just never took it seriously before. So I search around for all the different successful on the internet to learn about marketing, business and the improving your life. Here are the current models of success that I am discovering with great content:

I found Jay Abraham to be very good. I have listened to his different business courses many times over the past few months. When I am listening, I lost notes to this blog about. For instance, here I blogged on the 3 ways to grow your business. Jay Abraham gives away a lot of free quality content, simply for signing up for his newsletter.

I then found a few new podcast that I could follow along as others online created their personal and business development brands. The podcast that I have enjoyed most is the Mechanic2millionaire. This podcast follows the Master Key Book and relates the different laws to how it is effected him in his current life.

The other podcast that I’ve really enjoy is the by Travis Steffen. Travis is a successful entrepreneur to that interviews other entrepreneurs. In his podcast he covers very relevant topics to growing your business. You can check out this podcast on itunes here.

Who are your models of success?

Please let me know in the comments below…