Mobile responsive design: How it helps your business

Written by Alex Harris

Mobile surfing

The rise of tablets and mobile phones means that websites are currently viewed from an increasingly diverse selection of resolutions and screen sizes. With the ever-present emphasis on positive customer experience, it has become vital, more than ever, to ensure that your site is seen as effectively in a tablet as in a personal computer. You can do this by adopting a responsive design for your website.

A responsive website is designed to provide optimal viewing experience no matter where it is viewed, be it through a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. This means that users would be able to see the contents of your site with minimal effort, that is, without having to zoom in, pan, or scroll through the page. Creating a responsive site takes more than just using very large fonts or images; it involves ensuring that your site would automatically adapt to the resolution and screen size of the device used by the viewer.

More and more companies are opting to make their website responsive. You should, too, as a responsive site offers great advantages to your business.

Better customer experience

You don’t want to be remembered by your customers as that company with the tricky website. Today’s generation of potential and existing customers wants to be able to perform as many activities on the go as they can. They don’t have time for websites that are hard to navigate. With a responsive site, you will be making it easier for your customers to browse your pages, learn more about your products or services, or make a purchase.

Better rankings

Making your site responsive is a great way to raise your spot in Google’s search engine results page. First, a responsive site that is easy to navigate tends to invite more traffic than a complicated one. As traffic has always been a defining criterion used by Google in determining ranking, ensuring a large number of visits is an effective way to rise up in the SERPs.

Second, Google wants users to have a positive experience. Aside from ensuring that your site holds high-quality content and features fully functional elements, Google also determines if users would find it easy to use your site. Thus, adapting a responsive website positively impacts your efforts in SEO.

A responsive web design does more than make your website look good. It makes your site easy for visitors to use and worth returning to, aside from offering a host of advantages for your business in the long run.

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