Tony Robbins UPW + Massive Action = Double Business Revenue!

Written by Alex Harris

business mastery progress upw

Tony Robbins UPWIn March 2013, I was hesitant when my brother dragged me to see Tony Robbins in Los Angeles.  I really didn’t want to be motivated. I was relevantly happy with my life. I was wrong.

My spiritual journey started years ago when I began to study enlightenment. I’ve listened to Tony Robbins CDs prior but it never resulted in taking action. After going to UPW, I was ready for change. I mean I just walked through fire!

The Tony Robbins experience brought years of searching for answers to a new perspective. I began to understand what beliefs were holding my back. So I am creating a new story of happy progress by changing my beliefs. These new beliefs took effect right away. I was able to take MASSIVE ACTION and RAISE MY STANDARDS. Growing further faster by proactively making better decisions and improving everyday. I am also transforming into a healthier person while focus on becoming alkaline. The foundation started when I created a morning ritual were I visualize my new life, emotionally flood myself with things I am grateful for. This new feeling pushed me to take my life to the next level.

Tony Robbins talked about many ways to become successful at UPW. One of the basic ways, which I have ignore in the past, is to model successful business people. We’ve it heard it before, but I never took it seriously. If you want to become successful, research how others became successful. Find the best teachers and pick up tips to optimize your life to meet your goals. If you think a business model is helping you, learn it over and over until you really understand it. Repetition forms habit and the secrets of success are revealed.

business mastery progress upw

Overall since March of 2013, when I saw Tony Robbins at UPW LA, my life has dramatically improved. I took massive action and started making changes in my business and personal life. So far I have seen the most progress in my small business, its easy to see the results. I started by really tried to understand the Tony Robbins Ultimate Business Success Formula.  Once I committed to achieving my goals, I moved all my project work over to monthly retainers. This result: double the revenue for my small business in one month. Now the goal is triple triple revenue within 3 months. I didn’t learn any new skills. I used my skills to leverage current opportunities to take my business to the next level. I made a small change and a minor shift to get my small business into a system that can scale and grow.

The progress was set in stone on the last day I saw Tony Robbins at UPW LA in March 2013. This is turning point and I am committed to improving my life and my business. Now I am  signed up for the Tony Robbins Business Mastery 2014 in Las Vegas. I am expecting a lot from this program. If you are going to this event or if you have been to Tony Robbins Business Mastery before, please let me know. I would love to meet people ahead of time. This has been a great experience learning more about my personal development.

In return I am am seeing Happy Progress!

If you are going to UPW London or UPW Chicago? Tell me about your experience.

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