Marketing Optimization System to Bigger Small Business Profits

Written by Alex Harris

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Marketing Optimization System

Now let’s bring it all together into a move advanced process that I call the Marketing Optimization System. It’s a five-step process to increase profit from the existing traffic of your ecommerce website. This is what I’ve learned to help you make better decisions and get bigger results. The are many other tools and efforts that can be use but I have only included the absolutely necessary steps that I feel are needed in every system.

Create the right system for you is all about gathering the right qualitative and quantitative data. Then determining how to use that insight to get bigger impacts from our tests. Because it doesn’t matter how easy testing is if you’re not testing the right things then you’re not getting the best results possible.

Marketing optimization takes into account website design, marketing in general, web development, web analytics, and how you think about your customers that are visiting your website. Do you understand the voice of your customers – the ones actually visiting your website? Who’s your target audience? What are their pains, and the problems they are going through before they actually arrive? What queries are they actually putting into Google before they arrive at your landing pages? These are some of the things that I will be showing you, that I have proven to know how to understand – who visits your site, where they go, what they do, and what to do with that information next.

This is the basic that we will go through for the five-step process for the Marketing Optimization System. It’s all about that discovery process, creating a hypothesis, executing and creating tests, reviewing the analytics, and then scaling and growing over time.

You want to understand your costumers and their problems. You want to create products to solve those problems and you want to scale what works to really improve your goals in the short term.

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