Long Landing Page for Info Product Tips to Improve Sales

Written by Alex Harris

I’ll be reviewing the Marketing Access Pass Training landing page. As I arrive here, I like the video. I think the main thing that’s really missing from the page overall is you. If I arrive here, I don’t necessarily know who Anthony Tran is. I think you should offer that.

Test your headline

As I arrive here, I read, “Discover the Secret Marketing Formula That Professional Online Entrepreneurs Are Using.” I think you need to test the headline a bunch, because I’m not sure if that’s right. It doesn’t roll off my tongue of what you’re actually offering here. “This is your map to online success. Component 1. Component 2.”

Integrate call to actions

Overall, honestly, it feels very salesy. That’s my only opinion. I like all this stuff. I think it just needs to be tightened up. This stuff is all good, but I think you definitely should integrate either some call to actions or some blue text links, to get people to sign up if they’re halfway down. Because if they are beginners and they’re halfway down… “Creating an online business,” maybe highlight that. And that links off over to the sign-up process.

Remove unnecessary links

As you scroll down, yeah, there’s just nothing to do. You may want to remove those links. You don’t want them to get confused and leave.

Test your add to cart button

So you arrive here, and this goes to all of that. But when I click on this, it gives me $197. So obviously, I think you know that. But having the “Add to cart” all the way at the very, very bottom, I would test it by also having it right here, right before the thing starts. Because people may skip over it and they want to keep on going. But that’s something you can easily test.

So I’d look for some examples. At Platform University, Michael Hyatt’s doing a great job right here. His video is clear, register today, how much it is upfront. Then he goes into a little bit what you’re doing, but just tightened up. Super tight. Just icons, then right back into him. Because at the end of the day, he’s selling his experience.

Let people know you – put up your photo!

People want to work with people, so you may want to try incorporating your picture. I can send you this URL if you want. But he does a great job in reinforcing his credibility, then incorporating some FAQs at the bottom. So he’s doing it differently. If I were him, I’d recommend putting it at the bottom also like you do, but he’s not doing that.

Another way to do it is the way Amy Porterfield does hers. She’s not doing that same process, but it’s very nice and tight. There’s a lot of stuff going on. It integrates the video right there. As you scroll down, it shows case studies, results, and testimonials like you do, but just does it in a different form. Then she does a call to action, and then she goes into more detail about the modules. Then she has the pictures of the DVDs.

You can see what I’m getting at. It’s just a bit tighter, a bit easier to read, a bit more fun to scroll down. I can send you a link to this one too. This is one of my favorites.

Overall, it’s on the right track. I think you just need to start iterating it.

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